No Ko at Solheim!

Ko Can’t Play Solheim – She’s Really Canadian

We all might as well start telling it like it is, and Lydia Ko might as well fess up and stop with the deception. The New Zealander thing is pure camouflage – she’s Canadian, and everyone knows it. I wouldn’t be surprised if her real name isn’t McKo, McKonzie or perhaps Lydia Preston. The magic of winning the national Open in Canada at the age of fifteen was cool enough, but five or six times later, it’s getting suspect – never old, but suspect. The woman cannot seem to lose in Canada, 500 feet outside the national border, perhaps, but not in Canada. This year, she made a playoff out of it, and eliminated Stacy Lewis.

lydia The Canadian Pacific was important to many people going for spots on the Solheim team, but the winner’s unstoppability must cause thoughts among some. One way of looking at it – “I wish we had someone like that on our Solheim team.” Another possibility is “Whew! I’m glad the Europeans don’t have anyone like that on their Solheim team.” Maybe both countries are thinking, “Maybe we should scrap this arrangement and enter into an annual deal with New Zealand. Of course, then we’d have to come up with a way to stop Lydia Ko.” But, all those thoughts are for naught. The most spectacular player in Canada who claims she’s not Canadian is not allowed to play in the Solheim this September 18 in St. Leon-Rot, Germany. - The Golf Warehouse
For the Americans, it comes down to Stacy Lewis, who appears to be coming around in her game, Lexi Thompson  (that’s good – sometimes she looks like Lydia), Christie Kerr (ok, I suppose), Michelle Wie (all for her, but what’s she done lately? Isn’t she coming off surgery?), Brittany Lincicome (She won something recently, didn’t she?), Morgan Pressel (Queen of the 2015 top 10), Angela Stanford, Gerina Pillar (Runner-up Queen of the 2015 top 10), Alison Lee (the super-rookie), Lizette Salas (yes, always seems to be around), Brittany Lang, and Paula Creamer (who does well at this sort of thing).

From an American point of view, this is a potent Solheim field. Looking at the European field from the same perspective, the team across the water doesn’t look so tough. They have Suzann Pettersen (ulp, I take it all back), Gwladys Nocera (from France – who?), Charley Hull, now 19 (Aw, Charley – gotta love her), Melissa Reid (did well last week, so she’s in), Anna Nordqvist (when she’s on, she’s really on), Azahara Munoz (also coming back from surgery), Sandra Gal, Germany’s favorite daughter, Carlotta Ciganda (Spain  – one of the hottest players from 2013), Sweden’s Caroline Hedwall (5 – 0 last time), Karine Icher, Caroline Masson, and Catriona Matthews of Scotland.
Shop www.edwinwattsgolf.comPretty so-so Solheim field for the Europeans? Bear in mind that they stomped the Americans in Colorado, and that should serve as a lesson to never, ever judge golfers by a piece of paper. It’s a “hands-on” game, so to speak. And don’t fall prey to the old ego game of “If I don’t know who she is, she couldn’t be all that good.” That’s your problem, not hers.

And the Solheim course? St. Leon-Rot is flat, flat, flat (except for some mounds that don’t really figure all that much), wet, wet, wet (lots of water to play over and around), green, green, green. The bunkers are said to not be overly-threatening, and the greens are as flat and enormous as the rest of the course. So where’s the problem? What makes this so difficult? Most of that falls to the length, and big hitters need to apply. I hope Brittany Lincicome is listening.lydia 2

The most important thing? Lydia Ko won’t be there, for anyone. Maybe it’s good that nobody listened to my suggestion of adding Canada to the Solheim. Of course, then Lydia McKonzie would be on our side. On the other hand, we wouldn’t be playing the Solheim in Canada.

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