Stacy Lewis and Second

Stacy Lewis Sick and Tired of It

All of the big stuff has gone away for the men over on the PGA, until next year. The women are pressing on, however, this week in Alabama. What about Alabama should make us think about golf? Isn’t it hot, humid, and aren’t the great southern courses in Georgia and other states? Yes, but only to the first part – it is usually hot and humid for a while longer down below the Mason Dixon line. However, the “trail” of golf course masterpieces that has been put together throughout Alabama are nearly peerless, and this week, they’re playing the Senator Course in Prattville, one of the best, a Robert Trent Jones design. The LPGA is holding the Yokohama Tire Classic in Prattville, and Stacy Lewis has been looking forward to it because she plays well here, and she’s sick and tired of coming in second.

stacy For Lewis, that’s a luxury she can afford. Over the years, she’s won 10 million, has 11 career victories, and is former world number one. She’s in “that” group that is supposed to hate coming in second, and I’m sure it’s not news to her that many of her colleagues also hate it. It’s all a matter of perspective, though. For someone with number one burned into her brain, second is no different than missing the cut. However, to someone who has never reached that level, and is forking out a lot of money to subsist on the tour, an expensive life, finishing second isn’t really so bad. I always wished I could call home and say “Guess what! I finished second and won 300,000!” But don’t talk to Lewis about that. She’s finished as a runner-up six times since her last win in 2012, and she’s come in second 19 times all in all. Worst of it, the wound is still fresh from last week, when Lydia Ko eliminated her in a playoff at the Canadian Pacific. OK, we get it – no second – it’s win or nothing.
Golf Simplified logoThe course is well-suited for her. As she describes it, you just “bomb it out there, and go find it.” Those who stay in play with a lot of distance tend to dominate here. Lewis can do that – the “bombing” thing. The course is described one source as a traditional “Scottish” layout. I’m not sure what that means, but I’m trying to envision the coast of Scotland along the Alabama border – sorry, it’s not working. Apparently, however, the Senator of Capitol Hill, which has three 18 hole championship courses, can be outright mean. It’s got 160 pot-hole bunkers and 20 to 40 foot mounds along the fairway edges. Pothole bunkers? You know the type, the kind of sand trap that resembles cave exploration and rappelling. You hit the shot, shout “Where is it?” and your caddie is afraid to answer.
The first day has begun in Prattville, and if it continues to go the way it’s going, Stacy might mellow a bit on her view towards being runner-up, for the money’s sake if for no other reason. Missing the cut might be a refreshing change, though. Lewis has finished in the top ten 10 times this year, and it might be getting old. At any rate, she’s back in the pack, and her Solheim companion, Brittany Lang is sitting pretty and minus 7 after being selected as a “Captain’s pick” by Solheim Captain Julie Inkster. She was chosen with Paul Creamer, described by Inkster as being in sort of a “funk.” If Lewis finishes in second one more time this month, then we’ll see a funk. You see, it’s all relative, isn’t it? Lang can’t boast of a record like the one Lewis has, but both are nearing thirty, the big scary birthday, especially for athletes.

The second round will tell, but Stacy had better keep pace for a while.
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