LPGA’s Pressel Setting Example

Morgan Pressel Throws Another Blow at Breast Cancer

Morgan Pressel has been playing on the LPGA Tour for a while now. Many of us remember her as the youngest tournament champion in the tour’s history. I once called her a bully in the best sense of the word, meaning that she had the energy to put in the practice, put in the play, and has the energy of six people remaining to take on the tragedy of breast cancer in a big, big way.

If you look at it as if on a spreadsheet. You might not think Morgan’s very good with money. She made a whole bunch of it last week at her Foundations tournament, and then didn’t keep it. The same thing happened last year. In fact, over the last ten years, she’s raised more money than many of us will see in a lifetime, and didn’t keep any of it – one million this year, one million last year, and heading toward 7 million over the last nine.

Some of us have more energy than others, and some have special reasonns to make serious commitments more than others. When it hits home, it gets your attention. Pressel lost her mother, Kathryn Krickstein Pressel in 2003, and decided that she could not let it pass. She has friends who feel the same way, such as Paula Creamer, Lydia Ko, Gerina Piller, Lexi Thompson, Brittany Lincicome, and Bernhard Langer of the Men’s Champions Tour.. Nicole Castrale was this year’s guest host. Yes, some have more energy than others, and those of us who have less don’t need to sit around doing the blame game. We need to sit up and notice the people who have it, and focus it. Then, we need to join in.

That’s one of the difficulties with human empathy. It doesn’t burn hot enough in many of us until it hits home. When Ebeneezer Scrooge told the ghost of Marley he was a good man of business, the spirit replied that “Mankind is our business.” If it hits home for someone else, perhaps we could start thinking of it as hitting our home as well. Many of us have lost dear ones to this disease, and every time someone in my circle is struck with it, the emptiness never goes away..
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At any rate, Pressel got together with her community, her family, her friends, and her home club, creating a south Florida phenomenon that extends well past the golf course. There are three main projects under the Foundation. The first is the Mammovan, which is, as we speak, undergoing expansion, recently passing its 10,000 individual mark. The second is the Morgan Pressel Center for Cancer Genetics, a field that has advanced so far in the past few years that the building can barely contain the hope that it offers. The third is the Morgan Pressel Foundation Laboratory for Cancer Research.
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This year’s Kathryn Krickstein Pressel Award  recipient is Elissa Bantug,, who has rebounded from being diagnosed with breast cancer twice, and joins Morgan in refusing to let it pass, As for Morgan’s part, it never sems to get old. She feels the passion for the cause that she has alawys felt, and is no less determined than she ever was. She describes, in particular, the big inner moment that always seems to happen when the group photo is taken.

Comments such as Mark Twain about golf as a “good walk spoiled” or Churchill’s comment on hitting a “quinine pill” around a pasture with equipment ill-fitted for the purpose are cute and amusing. however, one shouldn’t take any characterization of the game’s reality as superficial or ritzy, not when professionals are gathering together with Pressel to save people’s lives by doing what they do best. It makes me proud of the game to see what Morgan and Friends are up to, and doesn’t hurt my view of the human race’s chances for overcoming breast cancer and itself, either.

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