Lower Body Exercises

The lower body is extremely important to the golf swing.  A strong lower body will help give you a solid base to create a good turn, thus generating more club head speed and power during the swing.  The following exercises will help build up the lower body muscles, which in turn, will help you create torque, balance and power in your swing.


1.Leg Extension – Equipment – Weight Machine – Sit back on the bench with your back straight.  Lift your legs and feet straight out in front of you, and then return to the starting position.

2.Leg Curl – Equipment – Weight Machine – Lie flat with your stomach on the bench.  Your ankles will go under the pad.  Lift your feet up and towards your butt.  Return back down to the starting position.

3.Squat –  Equipment – Barbell – Stand straight with feet approximately shoulder width.  Place the barbell behind your neck and shoulders.  Keep your back straight and look forward while you lower your body until your thighs become parallel to the ground.

4.Lunges – Equipment – Dumbbells – Stand straight with feet should width.  Hold the dumbbells in both hands, at your side, your back is straight and head looking forward.  Take a large step forward while the back foot stays in place.  The back knee will be slightly off the ground.  The front knee will be bent at a ninety degree angle


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