Stacy Lewis is Back

After Maternity Leave, Stacy Lewis Intends to  Recapture the Magic

For men, this is a foolhardy subject to take on, but my mother always told me to ask questions if I didn’t know what I was talking about. Anyone who wants to jump in with answers is more than welcome. What are the physical manifestations of post-pregnancy in a high coordination sport? How long does it take to get back into fighting form, and does it ever really come back the same? What is it like to play with a split sense of passion between family and professional performance? Can it truly be done? All this is to say that Stacy Lewis, a former number one i n the world has reentered tour play after a six-month leave of absence, and I’m anxious to know how preparation is going.  The  Orlando   Sentinel  announced  the  plan  way  back  in  January,  and  we  should  soon  see  a trend now that  a few  months  have gone by.

I suspect that there are people who can pull off two life-altering paths at the same time. All it takes is a person who is comfortable giving everything a 100% commitment. I also suspect that we’re talking about Stacy Lewis, who is intent on demonstrating that it can be done. It’s the ultimate test of “how you do one thing is how you do everything.”
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In  addition to the labor intensive regimen and the commitment, there is one’s approach to obstacles. One type of person makes treaties with whatever is wrong, slow dances with the problem and finds a way to proceed. It’s all very clever – not a thing wrong with it. Then, there’s that type who just says “to heck with that, I’m going to make it happen.” My next suspicion is that we’re talking about Lewis on that one. She started her life interest in golf by overcoming a horrible case of scoliosis in the first place, and she has the hardware to prove it.  It must be a mess getting through airports carrying all that metal, but from the junior years, her game has been spectacular. I’ll bet that her penchant for perseverance is still there.

Lewis is in the University of Arkansas Hall of Fame. As a pro, she has twelve wins, with two majors. She held the number one position in the world in 2013, was the Rolex Player of the Year for two years. She’s won the Vare Trophy, and has been the leading money winner. She has appeared in a mess of Solheims, and in the Portland Cambria Classic,promised to donate her winnings to relief efforts after Hurricane Harvey. I have a feeling she celebrated extra when she won that tournament, and nearly $200,000

So, here she is, married and a mother, looking at a fresh career start. What does Stacy have to do in order to get the body to work right again? Pretty much every muscle a body owns goes into a golf swing that gets repeated all day, four days in a row  on  a weekly  basis.

Not all bodies, brains, and circumstances are set up in precisely the same way. We have seen people take time out, then come back to retain their former glory. We have also seen number ones suddenly disappear, without really knowing why. Stacy doesn’t really know what’s going to happen. With her back in the situation it is, she admits to not knowing how long the success window will stay open.

Whatever Lewis intends to prove, it will be mostly for herself. Whether she realizes it or not, most of us don’t need her to prove anything. She is much beloved and admired among large groups of people near and dear to the game, and made it clear what sort of championship she can be already. Having her back should be a lot of fun, and I’ll opine that before long, she will make her presence felt again.



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