Out of Shape – Personal Story

While golf is not a contact sport, it is imperative you keep your body in good, physical condition.  To share my personal story, last year, at the age of 30, I thought I was still in good physical condition.  I had not been to the gym or lifted weights for years, but I felt pretty good.  However, my knee had been bothering me for a few months.  I didn’t think much of it.  Around the end of June, suddenly, I had a sever pain in my left knee.  I couldn’t trace it to anything in particular I did. 

I was forced to take a month off, and the doctor put me on a physical therapy and strength training program.  While I had no ligament damage, I learned the cartilage in my left knee was starting to wear away.  As result, the weight training did help my knee, and things went back to normal.  This was due to the muscles in my left leg not being equal to those in my right leg.  (Think of the swing, if you are right handed, it is very easy to swing with only your right arm, and much more difficult to swing with only your left arm) 

However, I have made strength training part of my regular routine to maintain my strength in my knee and also to prevent the future trips back to the doctor to prevent any back, shoulder, knee or any other problems. 

While I am not a doctor, check back in the next few entries and I will share some good exercises you can perform during the off-season and before you play.   Before you start any physical fitness program, I would suggest speaking with a doctore or fitness trainer.

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    • Eva Yoe
    • Golf club guy on June 18, 2011 at 12:51 am
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    I know I’m going off topic a bit here but I want to share my view of golfers being out of shape here.

    I think many people… especially golfers tend to have this problem… being out of shape. It’s just yesterday I saw a group of guys… holding bottles of beer on the course 8am in the morning… on the course… I mean you don’t see that in another sports… yet these “golfers” tried to SCORE LOW… it is impossible. They are out of shape and were drinking beer earlier in the morning… it’s just insane.

    And with beverage cart driving around the course… sometime you will see one every 3 holes… it’s hard for some people not to spend money and buy a few things from the cart lady. And day after day… round after round… these golfers are overeating on the course… drinking on the course is not going to help them score better…even tho I’ve heard many times that these people believe drinking on course would help them CALM down… it just worsen their score… and then they will blame their swing and the course…. it’s a never ending story…. I think golf courses should try to sell healthier snacks on the course. After all Golf is a Sport… not just a old man game.

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