Golf- Best Dating Site Ever

Dating at the Golf Course is Healthy and Informative

You’ve met someone, and now the early dating process begins. Everyone wants to know as much as they can glean from their partner, but many fall into a bad trap…and I don’t mean a bunker. They go to a restaurant, where their mouths are full of spaghetti, or a bar where their good judgment is likely to deteriorate as the evening goes on. Some couples go to the movies where you can’t talk at all. However, the golf course is a ready made Shangri-la for a great day together, and a three or four-hour class in where this new friend of yours is in his or her emotional health.

Golf dating takes place in nature, doing something challenging and fun. You are breathing, stretching, moving instead of hunkering down over a whiskey sour. It doesn’t matter who you are, what you look like, your age,  or how experienced a golfer you are. If people play their cards right, a day on the golf course can be parlayed into decades of togetherness. And even if it doesn’t work out, you got one sunny, mild, gorgeous day with the person you chose.

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There are a few time-tested ways to know if you’re with the right person, after you’ve recovered from the initial attraction. One is driving across the country, expensive, time-consuming.  and occasionally hostile. Having children together is a really bad plan for success in the early dating period, so we’ll rule that out for now. However, golf played at any level will almost immediately reveal the maturity of a person. There are pitfalls, such as being the immature one yourself. If the man is the stronger player, and his friend is the novice, teaching is like a big life bunker. Man-‘splaining has ruined more relationships. As a group, we try too hard to get out years of information in one session, and we rarely know as much as we think we do. Only offer a basic effective motion for making contact and getting it airborne. You can work on the fade or draw later – oh…and heavy on the praise, light on the frustration. If the woman is the strong player, she might have to put up with our excessive fragility about excelling in sports and games. No rivalry – do you want bragging rights or love.

Between the 65 to 140 shots one might take in an 18 round day, there’s a lot of chance for conversation in between. That’s one reason why so many huge business deals are closed on the course – and if this person is the right one, it’s a big deal. Golf dating can be innately attractive. Even the inexperienced human body trying to develop a swing can be beautiful, because the maneuver is inherently attractive.  Only an obsessive, over-charged, snake-killing, mortal combat swing can ruin the grace of golf, and that’s usually what one gets trying to impress someone. So, keep it slow.

Within the stopping points along the way, including each tee, the distance of a normal drive or the five shots it took for the weaker player to get there, all the important questions can be asked, and the answer assessed. These can range from “What’s your name again?” to “My father’s a member at Augusta…maybe sometime we should…” Exploratory golf can go from “What do you think of the Beatles” to “Do you know who the
Beatles are?” to “Let’s set a date!” In the world of dating, if it can happen, it can happen on the golf course.

Every personality type is welcome, and equally qualified. Type A or timid librarian, Olympic athlete or member of the Chess Club, it could all be waiting for you just around the next dogleg. If it doesn’t work, bring your next date to the course as well. It’s still cheaper than a night on the town, and if it progresses to the point of meeting families, even better.

Aggressive sports can often cause post-victory rancor, but with a little care, dating on the golf course can be a win-win for all parties involved. Give it a little love, and this game tends to love us back. And, it might even agree to serve as a matchmaker. A lot of 50-year anniversaries have come from this little green patch of land.


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