To Write a Golf Article

A Golf Article Can Recreate the Game and Memories

In the beginning, I was certain that since my knowledge of golf is finite, there were not a lot of articles in me. Let’s see, I can talk about each piece of equipment for a while, some of the world’s best golf courses, and maybe a few stories about great golfers, past and present – after that, I’m out of ammunition.

However, that is not what happened. What did happen was something more wonderful than I could have ever anticipated.  The world of golf as I had loved it since childhood came alive for a second time, and I have been granted one more long saunter down memory lane. The equipment thing took about forty articles, and then I got set free from myself.

If one is going to preach about playing the game and how to play it, one had better occupy some status between a respected teaching pro and Jack Nicklaus, neither of which qualifies me. Then, I remembered my mother’s words – “If you’re not the expert in the room but you want to stay in the conversation, start asking questions instead of making statements. You’ll have a good time and learn something.”

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I was able to relive all my favorite memories of a game that provided a setting for so much family interaction. I revisited the most beautiful place in the world to learn decorum, patience, and testing one’s nerves against one’s self. When I talked the mechanics of the game, I learned that Mom was right. I had a thousand questions, and am always adding more. The reason for that is I’ve been in every sort of trouble a golfer can get into. I have had the shaky hand on the putter, gone through periods of shanked wedges, duck hooks and the opposite. whiffed once or twice, and lost matches I had no business losing. But, I have relived many of my favorite moments in nature, and have experienced all kinds of it, from the forest courses, river and lake courses, beach and desert courses, links courses. They all have a beauty of their own, and I got to wallow in every one of them.

From time to time, settling on a topic takes a little time, but writing articles on a game I grew up loving, there’s virtually no such thing as writer’s block – you know “when you’re imaginary friends won’t talk to you.” On the fairways of my memory, much of what I learned about my parents and siblings were silently obtained through golf. Recounting memories of favorite aunts and uncles who were golf maniacs is one of the most present ways of recalling my time with them.

A 600-world golf article is actually a teaching tool for one’s own game. To see it in print lets one question his own opinions, speculations, and goals. It can change one’s swing without paying the local pro. When a reader comments one way or other on something I have said, it provides the same exchange of ideas as a person-to-person conversation. In the days of Covid-19, that is a particularly welcome blessing.

Technically, I get to ask the pros, as a collective, anything I want about the game, from clubs, grips, stances, to strategy. Best of all, one learns that he is not doing battle with nerves and aspirations by himself. Everyone on the golf course is doing precisely the same thing. The beauty of the golf article is linked with the longevity of the writer. I have now been partnered with the game for many decades, so my personal museum of experience is rich and long. I have learned that the game of golf was so much more than some idle pastime sandwiched between more important events. It is the place where I learned some of life’s most important lessons, enjoyed the greatest happiness with family and friends, and released so much anxiety associated with daily work.

Considering the many directions golf has taken me, I feel an admiration for those involved with it, and gratitude for being allowed to spend so much time with it. For anyone who has such a large bank of memories, writing about it might similarly rejuvenate a lifetime of memory. Just a simple golf article can jog some of the most meaningful times in one’s life. Who knew?





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