Strength Training Exercises for Golfers

When you think of weightlifting, you may think of body builders lifting as much weight as possible.  That is not the goal.  You want to use free weights, weight machines and resistance exercises to build strength and flexibility.  It is beneficial to start with exercises that use your body weight as a resistance.  Think of push ups and crunches.  When you start using weights, focus on more repetitions of each exercise, with less weight.  Increase your workouts gradually to avoid any injuries. 

The following exercises can be used for your upper body:

1.Rear Deltoid Raise – Equipment – DumbbellsLie flat on a bench, with your arms slightly bent.  Extend your elbows up toward your back, and then back down to the starting position.

2.Triceps Press Down – Equipment – Weight machineStand straight up, back straight and keep your elbows tucked close to your body at all times.  Grab the bar, and push down towards your thighs, your body stays still throughout the exercise.

3.Palms Up wrist curl
Equipment – BarbellSit on a flat bench with a barbell in both hands.  Keeping your body still, curl the weight towards your body, and back down.  Your forearms will receive the workout in this exercise.
4.Side lateral raise – Equipment – DumbbellsStand straight with feet shoulder width with dumbbells at your sides.  Slowly raise the dumbbells up to shoulder level, and then back down.

5.Rear lateral pull down – Equipment – Weight MachineKneel or sit down, with arms holding lat bar.  Pull the lat bar down until it touches the back of your neck and then extend arms back up.

6.Triceps extension – Equipment – Dumbbell Sit on the bench with dumbbell behind your neck and shoulder and elbow pointed up.  Extend your arm until straight, and return to the starting position.

7.Bench Press -Equipment – Barbell Lie flat on the bench while holding on to the barbell over chest.  Slowly extend arms straight up and return to the starting position

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    • fitness girl on June 16, 2011 at 11:52 am
    • Reply

    That’s great information, thanks! Golf fitness is getting more and more popular and more important these days. There are less and less unfit pros on the tour and I’ve always wonder what kind of exercises I can do.

    I guess, we, women have an advantage on being flexible but definitely need to do more of this exercises to build my strength and LOWER my score!

    I was wondering how many SET of those exercises do I need to do??
    The more the better??
    Do you have any suggestions on what kind of FOOD we should eat when we engage in these kind of strength training exercises?

    I would love to learn more about it

    • Eva Yoe
    • grace on June 26, 2011 at 12:18 am
    • Reply

    What do you guys think about push up? When I was still in college, my coach make me do push up everyday. I am kinda overweight so push up has always been hard for me. Our trainer said the most important thing about push up is not how many push up you did, rather it’s more many push up you are do correctly.

    I used to do a set of 4, I think my arms and upper body muscle strength has improve a lot over time. And I think push up is great exercise for golfers.

    But remember, when you do exercise… it’s always good to have a certificate trainer with you. * Beginners*
    You don’t want to hurt yourself.

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