Stretching Program

Fitness exercisesThe first part of any exercise program is to properly warm up.  A good warm up routine will improve your flexibility and mobility.  You want to target all your muscle groups.   While you stretch make sure you go slow and don’t bounce.   The following stretches will be good to work on during the off season, and also before a round.

•Walking Walking is a great form of exercise that will get your blood flowing and your body stretched out.

•Arm Swings Stand straight with your arms at your side.  Swing your arms back and forth across the front of your body.

•Trunk Rotations Stand with your feet shoulder width.  Place a club behind your neck on your shoulders holding the club at both ends.  Take a set up position, leaning forward, and make a shoulder turn back and follow through motion.

•Side Bends Stand with your feet shoulder width, and the club behind your neck on your shoulders while holding the club at both ends.  Lean your body to the left, then straighten back up, and lean to the right, and return to starting position.  You only go left and right, never forward or backward.

•Standing Shoulder Stretch Stand with your feet should width and place both hands on the end of the club.  Lean forward and keep your back straight (parallel with the ground).

•Toe Touches Stand feet together, straight up with arms at your side.  Bend at your waist, pointing your arms and hands down towards your toes.
These are just a few exercises and stretches to get your body loosened up.  Feel free to incorporate these and others into a stretching routine

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