Review of the Cobra S3 Driver

The Cobra S3 and S3 Max Driver for Women

Cobra S3 Women's Driver
For some years now I have been dithering about my golf clubs. When I read Matt Keller’s review of the Top Women Drivers for 2011 it spurred me into action. This is why I am now considering the Cobra S3 Driver for women. For years I have been playing with Cobra Men’s Senior Clubs. I have enjoyed the weight that the heads have and the softer shafts have allowed me to be able to control them. However I am now aging and I seem to have less time to play golf. This is leading me to serious considering changing to women’s clubs that will have lighter heads and whippier shafts. The Cobra S3 Driver looks like it may be perfect for me.

Cobra’s Research

Cobra has always been known as a solid company interested in designing clubs Cobra S3 Women's Driver Elliptical Sweet Spotthat allow all golfers to enjoy their game. They have tested hundreds of golfers to find that most players don’t mishit their clubs in a circular pattern but in an elliptical shape.

This has lead to the oval shaped sweet spot on the new Cobra S3 and Cobra S3 Max Drivers. The design creates a 30% larger sweet spot for more forgiveness where it is needed.

Cobra S3 and Cobra S3 Max Design

Both the Cobra S3 and Cobra S3 Max drivers have what Cobra calls E9 Face Technology. This 460cc titanium head has a deep elliptical face with a beveled perimeter. The elliptical design of the face allows for a larger sweet spot. For all golfers this meets if you don’t quite hit the ball squarely you will still get more forgiveness with more accurate longer drives.
Cobra S3 Women's Driver
The beveled perimeter of the face allows for more weight in the toe and lower in the heel. Having the weight distributed in the perimeter produces a better launch angle. With the Cobra S3 you can “fly it high and see it go long.”

The titanium head has a classic look finished in a lovely black finish. This 6-4 titanium head and face blend into a aluminum hosel sleeve. The shaft is a Fijikura Blur TX 004 graphite shaft. Clubs that have graphite shafts give less shock in the hands and arms. One of the biggest changes in golf clubs is how well the new shafts perform for comfort and kick. The clubs are gripped with Golf Pride grips made especially for Cobra. By having control over the grips Cobra is able to control the weight of the club. These clubs have of swing weight of C7.

Cobra has always been known for making clubs that have a real ping when the ball is struck. Not all golfers like this. These new S3 drivers are much quieter.

Difference between Cobra S3 and Cobra S3 Max Drivers

The Cobra S3 Driver is aimed at the lower handicapper. These drivers have adjustable face angles. Although the loft that is 13.5 degrees is not changed very much the angle can be adjusted to open, closed, and neutral. This helps to control hooking and slicing. By making the adjustment to suit your ball flight you can optimize for distance and accuracy.
Cobra S3 Max Women's Driver
The Cobra S3 Max Driver is aimed at the higher handicapper. It is offset to help with the forgiveness and it promotes draws. According to Cobra’s Oswaldo Gonzalez, Golf Club Designer, 3 years of golf club design experience:

“What makes the S3 Max Driver really unique is a crown design that naturally assists golfers as an aiming aid and helps them keep their desired swing path.”

The crown design produces visual clues to ensure proper alignment with the target and helps to keep the club on the correct swing path. The Cobra S3 Max has a loft of 15 degrees. It does not have the adjustable launch angle.

Why to Buy a Cobra Driver

The Cobra focus has always been the average golfer. Yes they have professionals such as Ian Poulter, Jason Gore and Lexi Thompson playing their equipment. And yes now that Puma owns Cobra Golf they hope their poster boy Rickie Fowler will play their clubs in the not so distance future. However I think that Austin Oliveiro, Golf Club Designer, 8 years design experience, sums it up best when he states:

“Our goal was to create the 2011 line of women’s clubs to bring joy to every woman’s game – with great looks and technologies that can really inspire confidence.”

Where to Buy a Cobra S3 or a Cobra S3 Max Driver

Many people don’t necessarily think of using as a place to buy golf equipment however their customer service, Free Shipping, and great return policies make them a great online choice. Prices do change from time to time but at the time of this review Amazon is showing a price for both the Cobra S3 and Cobra S3 Max of $189.99.

Another great online store is Dick’s Sporting Goods. They have quickly become America’s number one source for golf equipment. They offer free ground shipping on orders over $79.00. At the time of this review Dick’s is showing a price for both the Cobra S3 Driver and the Cobra S3 Max Women’s Drivers of $199.99


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