Golf Strength Drill

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Have you ever noticed the number of naturally left handed people who play golf right handed?  Often, this starts due to the lack of left handed equipment available when they take up the game.  While I don’t encourage anyone to start playing from the opposite side, this could be a huge advantage to anyone who plays from the opposite side.  In fact, Phil Mickelson, one of the top players in the world, is right handed, but plays golf left handed.

Golf Strength DrillMany golfers lack the physical strength necessary to swing a golf club.  As result, they often develop the habit of swinging the club with their dominant side (for example, a right handed player will use their right side).  It is easy to fall into this category, think of your everyday life.  A few examples of how you use your right arm include: writing, throwing a ball and picking up heavy objects.  This can potentially lead to many different swing faults, such as swinging over the top.  While your right side is naturally stronger for a right handed player, your left side needs to guide your swing. 

Golf Strength DrillThe following drill is used to strengthen your left side when you swing the club (or right side if you play left handed).  Take your normal set up and grip the club with your left hand.  Place your right arm at your side or behind your back.  Use a short iron for this drill (7 iron – sand wedge).  Practice making a swing with just your left arm.  Focus on making approximately a three-quarter swing.  Try to maintain a straight left arm while completing the drill.  Complete your swing by following through to a complete finish position. 

Golf Strength DrillWhen you feel comfortable making practice swings try hitting a ball.  Start by teeing the ball up.  After you successfully hit the ball on a tee, try hitting the ball off the ground.  This drill is not designed to hit the ball a far distance.  Rather, work on the feeling of how your left arm should move throughout the golf swing.

Golf Strength Drill

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