Golfer’s Christmas: Don’t Make A Choice!!

When the time comes to select the perfect Golf Holiday gift for a golf fanatic, the choices are nearly endless. New golf clubs are a wonderful idea, of course. It’s also a good idea to help the avid golfer move up to a roomier golf bag, or to get that player into a new pair of comfortable shoes.

In addition to these larger gifts, the world of golf offers dozens of selections, from tees and ball markers to towels and divot tools. Maybe a new golf umbrella or a set of head covers for the new driver and fairway clubs are in order.

There is one other option that many don’t consider. Why make a choice? Why not get five or ten golf items then combine them in one great Christmas present?

Start at the bottom, for example. A new pair of golf shoes, chosen from the extensive line of great designs, is sure to make the golfer happy on Christmas day. If it’s not time for new shoes, maybe the current pair can be improved with a new set of soft spikes. These are available in sets at prices ranging from $8.95 to $24.95. The experienced golfer knows that new spikes, while easy to install, can make a major difference in the enjoyment of a round.

Almost every golfer uses a quality golf glove, often wearing through several in a busy year of golf. That can be addressed with a package of six leather gloves for about $10 each. Individual gloves range in price from $10 to $25, depending on style and manufacturer. A piece of advice – while black and white are predominant colors in golf glove selection, take a few minutes to ask for or search for fashion colors to match the weekend golf outfit. These are generally no more expensive than black or white. Some have highlights of various color that accent the white glove.

A good divot tool is one of the most-appreciated golf accessories. There are, literally, dozens of styles and designs to choose from. One of the most popular divot tool designs displays the golfer’s favorite college or professional sports team logo. Depending on the manufacturer, the price of a quality divot tool ranges from about $4 to $18 or a bit more. In the upper price range, the divot tool is often accompanied by a magnetic ball marker that is part of the tool or comes as a hat-mounted marker (magnetic). Sets are available that include range finders and score keepers as well.

Of course, ball markers are available separately, ranging in price from a couple of dollars for 50 of the simple plastic models to collectible crystal items ($20). Range finders have, in recent years, come to be a desired tool for the serious golfers, so manufacturers have responded with numerous designs and styles. Ideal for a golfer’s Christmas stocking, the $4 basic model of range finder is just the beginning. There are laser and non-laser scopes available from about $12-$18 and high-quality optical rangefinders from the makers of binoculars ($150 and up).

Golfers are known for playing in weather conditions that they often wouldn’t work in, so it may be wise to select a quality golf umbrella as part of the Christmas lineup. As is the case with ball markers and divot tools, golf umbrellas are available with almost any college or team logo. Prices for the quality umbrella begin at about $25 and range up to $35. Some details to look for in the long-last umbrella – comfortable handle, slightly oversized, strong rib design. Sport and golf umbrellas vary in size, from about 42 inches to 68 inches.

Last, but certainly not least, buying head covers for the driver and fairway clubs is one item that really allows the purchaser to use imagination. These accessory items are available in standard shapes, with the club number on the top. But manufacturers have come up with a design to fit almost anyone’s tastes. There are dozens of animal head covers, including lions, lobsters and gophers. Some golfers prefer a skull head cover or one that recreates the fuzzy-dice look. Prices range from about $15 to around $30. Head covers can usually be purchased individually or in matched sets.

Putting together an item from each of these categories, at an average price, will certainly satisfy the most discerning golfer. Who knows, the combination gift may be golfer’s favorite on Christmas morning.


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