G.F. Skipworth

George Skipworth

has spent every available moment playing golf or studying the greats since the 60s, in between world tours as a classical musician, Harvard studies in Government or as the author of a dozen novels. Nicklaus and Snead may be the statistical greats, but Skipworth is a life-long devotee of Gary Player, and considers meeting the South African at the Jeld-Wen to be an unforgettable milestone. His driving passion in golf these days is to raise viewer interest in the LPGA.

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The Strange Case of Mike Reasor

Journeyman Pro Reasor Sets Record for Worst Score For a golfer, it sounds like a Twlight Zone episode. There is Rod Serling giving the subdued, ominous introduction – “If you will, consider the strange case of Mike Reasor.” Or, how about “Mike Reasor went out for a relaxing ride after the second round. Little did …

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A Shoutout to Walla Walla, Washington

Golf in the Sweetest Town That Ever Sat on a Prairie – Walla Walla I’ll admit it. I went to college there – Whitman College. If I got the chance to do it over again, I’d go to the very same place. A small town of parks, creeks, pretty golf courses and a culture that …

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PGA Slipping Up on Virus Safety

Like Six Degree of Separation, Virus Travels on Tour This isn’t supposed to happen with professional golfers. They represent such a clean, pristine group, the white coat and stethoscope club of the sports world. However, a little ways into the tour restart, and moving cautiously up to the time in which the fans can return, …

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Putting – What Are We Afraid Of?

Behind the Science, There’s Something Else Going On with Putting Anyone who has played the game of golf for any length of time knows how difficult and exasperating putting can be. It makes no apparent sense for that being the case, but it’s true, and we all know it. The putter is not less difficult …

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Charles Schwab – The Sounds of Silence

Good Golf As PGA Returns, but The Silence is Eerie I’m taking a break from the final round of the Charles Schwab, despite being interested in who wins. It’s something I would seldom do, but I needed a short time away from the sound of nothing. – the almost irritating silence.The golf is good, the …

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PGA Microphone – Can You Hear Me Now?

Some Charles Schwab Pros Will Carry A Microphone I cannot recall off-hand the name of the person who invented the microphone, but he or she certainly did start something. For public entertainment, spy networks, eager historians and family tree researchers, it has been a boon For various politicians or anyone invested in preserving a pristine …

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Bunker, Trap, Beach – Why?

Is There a History or Even a Substantial Reason for Bunkers? I recall a cartoon from decades ago in which an Arab sheik, sand wedge in hand approaches a bunker on the golf course. His words are “Ah! Now that’s more like it!” In a hunt for the origin of these cruel protectors of the …

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PGA Kicks Off During Social Crisis

Varner Says PGA Players Will Have “Conversations” As everyone is aware, the United States is going through a  serious “thing.” It has gone through it before, and may again. It’s a tough thing to go through when everyone has been cooped up for a month by a global virus, but there you have it. Amidst …

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LPGA Through PGA Eyes

Dishing of LPGA by Male Fans Reveals Problem of Living Vicariously I have spent more than enough time with my male colleagues as they put down the idea of women playing real golf, and taking shots at the LPGA, the big leagues of the women’s game. “They have no distance. It’s too tame. It’s a …

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Match and Stroke Play – More Balance?

Would a Little More Match Play Make Sense for PGA, LPGA? The only reason I’m asking about a more balanced schedule of match versus stroke play is when one really thinks about it, each format provides a complete different set of sensations and mental states. Every time the Ryder or the Solheim comes around, the …

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