G.F. Skipworth

George Skipworth

has spent every available moment playing golf or studying the greats since the 60s, in between world tours as a classical musician, Harvard studies in Government or as the author of a dozen novels. Nicklaus and Snead may be the statistical greats, but Skipworth is a life-long devotee of Gary Player, and considers meeting the South African at the Jeld-Wen to be an unforgettable milestone. His driving passion in golf these days is to raise viewer interest in the LPGA.

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Bernhard Langer: Swingin’ Senior

    Bernhard Langer Quick, if someone were to say to you, “Name me some famous German athletes, you might have any one of a variety of responses. If you’re a senior or super-senior, Max Schmeling might jump to mind. If you’re here on a séance, think Honus Wagner, who won the World Series in …

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The U.S. Senior Open: In Praise of Older Men

    The U.S. Senior Open Michigan hasn’t spent a lot of time  lately in the championship golf limelight, which is a shame, considering some of the classic courses available, and the rich history with the PGA. This week, though, Lake Orion is having its hour in the sun with the U.S.Senior  Open Championship at …

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Tiger? Jack? What About Sam Snead?

    Slammin’ Sam Sneed The conversation grows hotter with each passing year, especially with each passing major on the PGA tour. Who is the undisputed king of them all, Tiger or Jack? It’s all utter nonsense, as the eras don’t have one single thing in common. Everything about the comparison is an unanswerable variable. …

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The Women’s U.S. Open and Work Ethic

Will the Korean Work Ethic Be Enough to Sustain Na Yeon Choi Will someone please tell me what’s going on at the Women’s U.S. Open?  By the end of the first round, I was cheering for Lizette Salas, a co-leader. Suddenly, Michelle Wie makes a charge, and is only back by one. Suzann Petterson takes …

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The Women’s U.S. Open

The Women’s U.S. Open: Great Month for the LPGA This week marks our second U.S. Open Championship in a month, the U.S. Women’s Open, and the way it’s all worked out has brought out some observations about the way we like such dramatic events to unfold. I used to think that I was a fan …

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Preparing for a Major

How the Golf Stars Prepare for Major Tournaments Golfers are always trying to get into that sweet spot, that place where they can deliver their best rounds during a major championship. When one of those rolls around, it’s not all about how you’re doing this week, and the implications expand. Some take charge, while others …

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Golf Cups: A Review

A Review of Golf Cups I’ve seen these names on the heads of golf clubs since I was a kid. I’ve seen them on bags, gloves and head covers. Since I didn’t know what they meant, I was disappointed when my clubs didn’t have the name of a recognizable pro. What’s this? Curtis Cup? What’s …

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Golf News: An Unusual Couple of Weeks

LPGA and PGA Surprising Stars Current events on the golf tours had a little something for everyone this week, with history being made, former glory reemerging, and some real head-scratchers among both the men and women. With big doings planned, including an LPGA major this week and the men’s U.S. Open right on its heels, …

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Oregon Coast Golf: For the Modest Vacationer

  Oregon’s Quaint Older Golf Resorts Most avid golfers, at least in the western United States, are aware of the big resort courses in Bandon and Bend, Oregon. They were well-marketed, made a big splash, even in the tournament business, and draw the well-to-do clientele from the golfing world. But what about the golfer (and …

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Golf Rivalries and Acting Out on Tour

  Temper Temper Boys and Girls   I once heard a female comic describe men as “bears with furniture.” The remark suggested a host of public behaviors, all containing a grain of truth, and we’ve seen it. It’s much less subtle on the men’s side, something a Golf Channel camera could easily catch. It’s not …

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