G.F. Skipworth

George Skipworth

has spent every available moment playing golf or studying the greats since the 60s, in between world tours as a classical musician, Harvard studies in Government or as the author of a dozen novels. Nicklaus and Snead may be the statistical greats, but Skipworth is a life-long devotee of Gary Player, and considers meeting the South African at the Jeld-Wen to be an unforgettable milestone. His driving passion in golf these days is to raise viewer interest in the LPGA.

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Golf Trophies and a Tale of Two Artists

Following the week of “the tournament  that must not be named,” I’ve begun to wonder what it is that PGA tournament victors really win. Of course, they win the purse, but we never get to see that, and it’s presumably gone before very long, in one direction or another. Actually, I wouldn’t want to see …

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The Inaugural Lotte Championship: Aloha

I am thrilled to announce that there is a golf tournament starting up in three days that, among other things, allows women to play in it. In fact, only women are allowed, which means that the LPGA is back after an azalea heavy week in Georgia. The women’s upcoming tournament is such a relief that …

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Farewell to the 2012 Masters: Phew!

The Masters 2012 A Cliff Hanger This year’s Masters was the counterpart of overeating at Thanksgiving, something I know a lot about. It was rich, it was wonderful, and I couldn’t stop. I also believe that I had a lot of company. Today, I am exhausted, like millions of other fans, and once I’ve cleared …

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Augusta Membership Questions Continue: Some Outrageous Ideas

Augusta – No Female Members Policy In terms of pure golf, this Masters week has proven to be one hot commodity. We’ve arrived at the fourth round holding our breath as leads changed rapidly, former champions tanked, rallied or threw tantrums.  For those who enjoy watching the game from this perspective, Europeans surged in a …

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First Round Masters: A Horse Race

First Round Masters: A Horse Race We knew that Augusta would look her finest. We knew that the best of the best would be present. We knew that there might be controversy over membership questions, etc., and we knew that somebody would play great golf. We just weren’t sure who it would be. Like many …

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Augusta Profile: The Masters Dilemma

The Masters 2012 Here it is again, folks – The Masters. For four days through the coming weekend, golf lovers will be treated to views of the most gorgeous and prime piece of golf real estate in the world, at least where historical prestige is concerned. Founded on the grounds of Fruitland Nurseries by famous …

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Lizette Salas: Latina Golfer Breaks Barriers

Lizette Salas

Lizette Salas For the aspiring golfer, to work one’s way from childhood into the LPGA Tour requires jumping through a lot of hoops. Privilege isn’t always necessary, but it certainly helps, and there is considerable expense along the way. This is the era of breaking down the obstacles that unfairly prevent women from achieving success, …

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Upcoming Majors: Juggernauts or Newcomers?

Golf Majors Who will Win? I always knew when the PGA majors were coming around. Somewhat seasonal, their titles lacked the sponsor’s name. They were crisp and bold – Masters, U.S. Open, British Open, PGA – the grand slam if you won them in one year. Until recently, I was never quite as sure where …

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Golf Comebacks, Large and Small

Golf Comebacks, Large and Small We love them like we love little else in the world of sports – comebacks. In the short term, they can turn any athletic event into a cliffhanger. Just when you think one thing is certain, someone stages a comeback, and you can’t go to the hot dog and beer …

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Mothers, Daughters, Fathers and Sons

Golf a Family Passion With Mothers’ Day and Fathers’ Day coming up, and with International Women’s Day just past, the spring season affords many opportunities for parents and children to play together, which at times can be the most important reason for the game’s existence. Throughout history, family relationships have been forged, strengthened, healed and …

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