G.F. Skipworth

George Skipworth

has spent every available moment playing golf or studying the greats since the 60s, in between world tours as a classical musician, Harvard studies in Government or as the author of a dozen novels. Nicklaus and Snead may be the statistical greats, but Skipworth is a life-long devotee of Gary Player, and considers meeting the South African at the Jeld-Wen to be an unforgettable milestone. His driving passion in golf these days is to raise viewer interest in the LPGA.

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Mega Golf Resorts: Trump That!

I had no idea that the most well know symbol of American wealth was so crazy about the game of golf. I didn’t know that he played it, watched it…or had extensive financial relationships with it. Apparently, Donald Trump is passionate over the Scottish game, to the point where he has more than broken ground …

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Jarrod Lyle: Coming Back

Life has an almost infinite capacity for providing opportunities and taking them away, sometimes, it seems, within the same breath. One way or the other, it frowns on letting most people do it the easy way. There isn’t a life that hasn’t experienced setbacks, and there isn’t a difficult human endeavor in which the road …

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More Tiger and Rory Silliness: Post-Honda

As we witnessed days ago, Rory McIllroy did a hero’s job of keeping his nerves together at the Honda Classic, and staving off the best fourth round finish of Tiger Wood’s career. In taking over the number one spot atop the golf world’s peak, McIllroy demonstrated newfound maturity, lacking in his Masters stumble just a …

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No Curtis Cup This Year: Sorry, Charley

In this age of wonder-teen golfers coming out of the woodwork, one’s got to wonder how many times the golf world can be conquered and reconquered until the sensation of it all gets old. When Paul Creamer came out and won the Evian, I wondered if there’d ever be another wunderkind like this. Suddenly, there’s …

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Golf May Strike Olympic Gold

In October of 2009, Michelle Wie and Padraig Harrington made impassioned speeches in Copenhagen before an international body of peers, at least indirectly. No, they hadn’t been detained by customs, and they weren’t protesting anything. The body they addressed was the IOC, the International Olympic Committee, and soon after, that body voted to include golf …

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Hunter Mahan: The Quiet Man

In all the hoopla over the Accenture Match Play last week, we were reduced to seeing which European would win the whole shooting match. Tiger went down in flames with the rest of his countrymen, and Rory McIllroy rolled over Lee Westwood into the finals – that should have been all she wrote. However, there …

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What’s the Matter with Paula Creamer?

We all know that magazines have to sell news to keep subscriptions and viewership up, but it’s an increasing habit to make a lull in a golfer’s winning ways sound like a previously undiscovered asteroid that will hit the earth tomorrow at noon. I for one, am up to here with it, and intend to …

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Match Play: One on One Golf

It’s easy to believe that tournament style play in modern golf is the way it was supposed to be, and how it always was. However, early golf didn’t see a horde of one hundred players marching down the fairways in groups of four, catching glimpses of leaderboards and group over/under banners toted from hole to …

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Old Hickory: The Romance of Old World Golf

I was surprised and delighted to learn that in this world of “heavy hitter” golf, there is still a soft spot for golf of the 1920s and beyond, particularly in the United States and Scotland. That makes sense, of course. Neither country likes to be told what to do or what to give up. In …

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Hot Old Golfer Dude, Thai Birdie Bash and Mr. Phil’s Wild Ride

I read today that Kenny Perry was on top of the leaderboard, and that was fun, because many years ago, I watched Kenny Perry quite a bit on Sunday. He was always a cool guy, I thought, and a consistently good player. But, leading a tournament now? As it turns out, I had my dates …

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