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My Golf Christmas Gift Wishes

Golf Balls  – I never seem to have as many balls as I need and this is a golf gift that even my grandchildren can afford. Everybody has their favorite golf ball  and I am no exception. The ultimate is to have your favorite ball personalized with your name or golf nickname imprinted on each …

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A Fund Raising Charity Golf Tournament

A fund raising charity golf tournament must successfully balance two vital components. First and foremost, the object is to raise as much money for the cause as can be realistically generated with the tournament you have planned. Secondly, and no less important you must insure that the players in your tournament feel that they have received …

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Discover Golfing on Vancouver Island, BC

Most of us are members of a golf club or have a course where we play most of our golf. The opportunity to play another course is always a treat to be savored and to do it with a group of friends is the optimum in fun. To do that at a number of courses …

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Wedge Designers and Today’s Wedges

Club manufacturers have expanded on this basic variety of wedges  to offer golfers a tremendous selection ranging in lofts from 46? to 64? and degrees of bounce from 6? to 14?.(note: Bounce is the degree of curvature from the leading edge to the back of the sole plate.) As it was true with putters, individual …

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Today’s Golf Clubs

Senior golf clubs are suitable for many different players. There is an old joke that says baseball players retire to play golf, football players retire to play golf, hockey players retire to play golf, but golfers don’t retire to play baseball, football or hockey. Amusing, yes but this is also very true. The golf industry …

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A Wedge For The Feel Shot

TaylorMade rac Satin TP Wedge

Next to your putter, your wedge is the most personal club in your bag. Design feature, loft, lie, bounce, roll offset, etc. all come into play but comfort level with a particular wedge is by far the most important ingredient. For most of the last 100 years, a set of golf clubs came with two …

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Golf Shafts

Much has been written over the years about the history of golf and the equipment used to play the game. The last eighty years have witnessed the evolving of golf clubs into highly technical instruments. Prior to this period, a wooden shaft was lashed onto either a wooden block with a flat side or a …

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The First Senior Golf Clubs

The design and manufacture of golf clubs has become very specialized and personalized in recent years. The major companies now take into consideration a great many factors – age, gender, height, weight, athletic ability, strength,and playing ability. These developments enable everyone to maximize their ability to play golf, but this was not always the case. …

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Golf Ball Goes to War

Golfers like fishermen are notorious about telling tales. Usually these stories revolve around that putt which was almost made, that drive which went further and straighter or that chip-in. However not all golf stories revolve around the prowess of the player. Here is a wonderful true story. During the 1930’s two golf balls dominated the …

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