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Destination Golf: Los Cabos

As the holidays fade from memory and winter transitions from a festive backdrop to the bleak, interminable season that it is, perhaps you’re thinking it’s time to go somewhere. Anywhere. With plenty of golf and year-round warm weather, Los Cabos has much to offer a snowbound golfer. The Tourist Corridor of Los Cabos, Mexico, a …

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Pre-Owned Golf Clubs

Women golfers rarely purchase a new set of clubs when they are first learning the game. Since they don’t know if they will take to the game, it doesn’t make sense to buy an expensive set of new clubs. Some women start golfing because they don’t want to be a golfing widow, and they end …

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Fitness to Improve Your Golf

Four Fitness Areas That Can Help Improve Your Golf Game Many women golfers will resolve to get fit this year. By adding cardio, core conditioning, weight training, and flexibility exercises to their fitness programs, they can also improve their golf game and maybe lower their scores this summer. The golf swing is a complex motion …

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Golf Books

Golf Books Provide Instruction And Entertainment In The Off-Season Just because you’ve hung up your clubs for the season doesn’t mean you can’t think about golf until the spring thaw. Winter is the perfect time to sharpen your mind (and maybe your game) with a few golf books. Golf books can appeal to golfers of …

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Golf Lesson

A Golf Lesson: Teaching Professionals Can Help Improve Your Game Whether you’re just picking up your first club or you’re boasting the lowest handicap of your golfing years, women golfers have much to gain from lessons with a teaching professional. The key is to find a teaching professional who can teach to your current level …

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Relationships On The Golf Course

Maintaining And Establishing Relationships On The Golf Course To outsiders, golf can seem like a very lonely sport. Even when you are playing with a group, everyone scatters out after their drives to their individual shots. But, perhaps surprisingly, women golfers find they form lasting relationships—both on and off the course—because of the sport. In …

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The Back Tees

Different Course Layouts, Different Challenges When a woman golfer arrives at a golf course, she typically walks past two or three sets of tees before she stops at her destination—the forward tees. The average woman golfer plays the majority of her rounds from the forward tees. By taking advantage of the different sets of tees, …

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Women’s Golf Clothes

Improved Women’s Golf Apparel Apparent On The Course Take a look at the players on the LPGA tour and you will see how much women’s golf fashion has changed. Women are no longer restricted to wearing frumpy polo shirts and pleated khaki shorts on the course. Women’s golf apparel has become more fashion-forward, more versatile, …

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Book a Golf Holiday

When The Girls Must Play, Book a Golf Holiday With winter looming on the horizon, it’s time to plan a

Dress Codes On The Course

Dress Well Or Play Well? A great debate rages in the world of golf. It has nothing to do with how you play the game, but it has everything to do with what you wear on the course. Whether or not golf courses should have dress codes, and just how strict those dress codes should …

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