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Lives in Tacoma, Washington Although golf is my personal area of expertise I Like to write in a style that is clean, concise, and informative. Has published a book on golf.

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Playing Well on Vacation

How to Enjoy Vacation Golfing A golf vacation is one of the best ways to get away from the stress of daily life and enjoy the game you love. It is fun to play new courses, see a new area, and obviously, be away from the stress of work for a while. If you are …

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Getting Your Iron Shots Closer

How to Hit Accurate Iron Shots It should go without saying that getting your iron shots closer to the hole is a good thing. Shorter putts are easier to make than longer putts, and your scorecard will quickly shrink if you are able to consistently get it in close more often than not. As you …

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Pressure Points – How to Play Your Best in Tournaments

Tournament Play Bring Out Your Best We all want to play our best when we enter a tournament. You practice your game for hours and hours and want to see the fruits of that labor when it matters the most. However, that desire to play well in tournaments can actually work against you. Trying too …

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Three Tips for Fairway Splitting

There might not be a better feeling in golf than splitting the fairway with a powerful tee shot that stretches out past your playing partners. A good tee shot gives you an advantage on your next shot, and builds confidence for the rest of the round. Not having to play from the rough on each …

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Three Foot Putt

Never Miss Another Three Foot Putt

Never Miss Another Three Foot Putt Okay – so that title might be an exaggeration. You will always miss a short putt from time to time, even if you are a great putter. Players on tour miss three foot putts from time to time, even with great technique and hours of practice. However, you can …

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Understanding the “Ladies Tees”

How Does the Course Play From the “Ladies Tees” There are a lot of misconceptions about playing from the ladies tees. The first problem lies in the name itself. Not all ladies play from those tees, and in fact, some men SHOULD be playing from them. If the idea is to make the course fit …

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Move Your Chipping Up the Ladder

Chipping Ladder Drill

Lower Your Score – Improve Your Chipping It is hard to get golf pros to agree on much. They all have different opinions on the best equipment, the best golf courses, even the best clothes. However, there is one thing that just about every golf pro would agree to – the easiest and fastest way …

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Lydia Ko and the Risk of Success

Lydia Ko

Lydia Ko – the Next Super Star? You would have to be hiding under a rock to have missed the success of young Lydia Ko on the LPGA Tour as of late. The New Zealander is not yet 16 years old, but already has three professional titles to her name. She is the top ranked …

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