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Custom Clubs

Why Do So Few of Us Take the Trouble to Get Custom Clubs?   Yesterday, an interesting article appeared in the Yahoo Lifestyle section about custom golf clubs. It was written by Robin Swithinbank in the robreport, and was quite thorough. It also left me slapping myself in the forehead once or twice. Like many …

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Grow into New Equipment

new clubs

New Equipment the Answer? How many times has it happened? We go out and purchase the hot new thing, sparkling irons that look like they were put together on the starship Enterprise, woods that seem almost to operate by radar, and putters that look like ancient Mesopotamian scepters. “Ah, now my game is going to …

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The Joys of Golf Club Scavenging

  Treasures in Old Golf Clubs   My father used to own a fantastic set of Pings. Not the most predictable golfer in the world, they were good for him, and he improved. The sweet spot was big, and he got to where he could play a creditable round of golf. I would have much …

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Golf Swing Instruction

 Most people have different ways of approaching a golf swing, but many do not have the success with some of there methods or theories on how to swing a golf club. They have either given them self a bit of there own instruction or tips on how to swing a golf club with an uneducated …

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