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Willie McRae Everyone’s Caddie, Dies at 85

Willie McRae

McRae Pinehurst Genius Who Caddied for Stars and Common Man Willie Lee McRae of Taylortown, North Carolina, never became a political superstar, a famous athlete, or renowned touring golfer, but those who did depended on him for his knowledge and guidance. From the age of 10 in 1943, he caddied at the famous Pinehurst Course, and …

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Cameron Champ New Big Hitter on Tour

Cameron Champ

Insane Off the Tee Champ Wins First PGA Earlier today, I read an account of the early 2000s, when Tiger Woods was the most consistently high quality driver in the business. Some mention was made of other beasts like John Daly, but he was a little different. Driving outrageous distances was a cornerstone  of the …

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JoAnne Carner Appears at U.S. Women’s Senior

JoAnne Carner

Carner Reappears, but Not to be Ceremonial As I sat feeling sorry for the players of the women’s senior tour, having heard that Laura Davies was about to invade their space, another big hitting personality recently caught my attention. When “Big Mama” JoAnne Carner was in her heyday, I was aware of her presence, but …

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Kang, Ko, Hull and Newbies

Kang, Ko, Hull

Everyone in LPGA Going Through Something – Kang Overcame Hers There is a case to be made for a caveat to the question, “Who is the greatest golfer on tour?” If we live in the present moment, it would be difficult to bestow that title on someone who is not currently winning, unless they triumph …

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Miller Retiring from Booth, Famous for No Filter

Johnny Miller

Johnny Miller Straightforward, Entertaining, Not Always Cool I remember Johnny Miller in the mid-70s. He was hot property then, and was always on the heels of Jack Nicklaus in the rankings, Miller had a few magic years that produced 25 wins and 2 majors, including the ’73 U.S. Open. Once those days were passed, he …

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Talent and Story, Up and Down


Careers on Tour Ebb and Flow, But Talent Remains One of the true beauties of following the golf tours is that everyone is talented, and everyone is in a different place.  It resembles the stock market. On any given day, a bunch of them are up, and a bunch of them are down, and tomorrow …

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Jan Stephenson is In

Jan Stephenson

Former LPGA Star Stephenson in the Hall of Fame Do we all remember Jan Stephenson from the day that the modern LPGA was developing? I’ll take that for a “yes,. If you are male and watch the LPGA, ask yourself how much you watched those tournaments and how much you watched them for Jan Stephenson. …

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Tattersall -11 Reasons Our Game Doesn’t Improve

Teaching pro Jon Tattersall

Teaching pro Jon Tattersall Gives Us the Ugly Truth About Our Golf Game How many of us have ever been sat down and told the bald-faced truth about ourselves? Horrible, isn’t it? If we’re lucky, it might lead to some revelations that take us to a better place where we see our reality more clearly. …

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Yet More Ryder Cup Aftermath

Ryder Cup Drama

With Continuing Ryder Cup Drama, Golf Not so Different After All? Jonathan Swift’s observance that “Falsehood flies, truth limps in after” may serve as a caution for the day in considering the continuing soap opera that is the losing American Ryder team’s behavior – before, during, and after the event. Purportedly, there was a dust-up …

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Ryder Cup 2018 Disaster

Ryder Cup 2018

Dysfunction at the Ryder Cup on Several Levels After all the anticipation of a breakthrough on European soil in  the 2018 Ryder Cup, the resulting American performance has been best described as a ‘beatdown.” It’s a perfect term for the epic collapse, worse than the 2014 debacle under Tom Watson that caused the formation of …

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