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Unknown Shibuno Takes British Open

Himako Shibuno

Shibuno Just Hoped to Make British Open Cut This was the British Open the way it should be. It was possibly the most fun I have had in years watching. Somebody had to win, and somebody had to lose, but I didn’t. The level of golf among the top five contenders was so good that …

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Charley Hull and Secret Weapon in Wild Week

Charley Hull

Hull Makes Good Start at British Open on Familiar Course Charley Hull took a good step toward redirecting the week’s news back to playing golf after some troubling snafus during the week. For a little while, she even took an early lead, but that is less important for a first round than being in the …

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Evian, Creamer and Kupcho – Trajectories

Paula Creame

Evian Sees Strong Start by Creamer, Strong Finish by Kupcho Another Evian has come and gone. Despite begin accustomed to seeing a host of Korean golfers in contention, circumstances following the third round seemed profound. I joked with the idea of putting people as teams  on podiums, as we do in the Olympics. Five or …

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Schauffele Responds to St. Andrews

Xander Schauffele

Xander Schauffele Fails Driver Test, Not Happy About Process When someone asks a golf devotee in North America who the governing body is of his or her favorite game, The USGA springs to mind. Pretty much everyone else in the world answers differently. Leave New Jersey or Newfoundland, and it’s all run by the R&A.  …

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Open Questions About Lowry Answered

Shane Lowry

Shane Lowry Ran Away with the Open, His First Major That must have been one difficult Saturday night for Shane Lowry, one of Northern Ireland’s less heralded golfers, but one who has been close, so close. Throwing himself against the wall in majors repeatedly, he broke through in grand fashion to take the 2019 Open …

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The Open – First Day at Portrush

The Open

The Open Gets Underway at Portrush With List of Victims I grew up around seaside courses. I was also crazy about playing them as a kid. However, in those days, what a seaside course represented was the customary green fairways edged with green rough reinforced by a row of green trees. The links thing never …

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Tahoe and Celebrities


American Century Championship at Tahoe For the past two days, I have been struck with a case of golf envy. Two men from the nearest branch of the family tree are in Nevada watching a golf tournament, and even got themselves hired on as marshals.  Before visions of arid desert with hundreds of miles of …

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Equal Pay in the LPGA

Equal Pay in the LPGA

Following U.S. Soccer Win, Equal Pay Timely for Women’s Tour I don’t know how the pay gap between men and women shakes out in other countries, but the USA has grandly failed to enter the 20th century, much less the 21st. In most workplace arenas, the equation is fairly simple – that person did that …

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Stacy Lewis is Back

Stacy Lewis

After Maternity Leave, Stacy Lewis Intends to  Recapture the Magic For men, this is a foolhardy subject to take on, but my mother always told me to ask questions if I didn’t know what I was talking about. Anyone who wants to jump in with answers is more than welcome. What are the physical manifestations …

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Pulling for Michelle Wie

Michelle Wie

Once Phenom Wie Suggests Early Retirement I have a special problem with the cosmos when it short circuits young people on a mission, by treating them as old people. Many of us have followed the Michelle Wie saga for decades, or at least it feels that way. We watched her take on the pressure of …

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