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Golf Facts I Hadn’t Heard Yet

Within the Odd History of Golf, Some Facts Escaped Me All of us who are bonded to the game of golf occasionally run across one of those sites like “Fifty Facts You Didn’t Know About Golf.” They’re fun once in a while, but if you go there often , much of the same information will …

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American Golf’s Distant History

How Did the U.S. History of Golf Start, and Who Were the Greats? Those of us who have been around a while and walked a few fairways tend to believe that we know the story of golf here on the North American continent. Canada and the U.S. have a separate history, but the timeline is …

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What’s in a Nickname?

Lots of Tour Players Have a Nickname, But Some Change A nickname can exert a powerful force on one’ s life, and some are pretty serious. I don’t think that Typhoid Mary or Vlad the Impaler will ever live those monikers down, no matter how many incarnations they get. Golfers go through the same thing. …

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Trick Shots Pros Can Actually Hit

Trick Shots to Most of Us, Standard Repertoire for the Pros Now and then we see the most magical shots possible in the game of golf, such as Bubba’s Masters-winning shot on the 18th – and I thought he was going home disappointed. We have seen shots around and over trees, and water shots that …

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Where Are the African Female Golfers?

Why do African Women Golfers Participate Less than Men? I had the misfortune of running across an article on the subject of African female  golfers earlier today. I intended to return to it later with a commentary because I was intrigued by the question, and then couldn’t find it again. It was gone from every …

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New Politics and Golf

Golf Typically Immune to Politics – Someone Finally Charted Habits and Views Golf is described by Golf Digest as being “politically agnostic,” and blessedly so. What better place is there to escape all the noise of politics than by strolling the golf course with a different and preferable mission? Unfortunately, the game can’t hold out …

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Susie Maxwell Berning – Hall of Famer

Berning, Four-Time Major Winner Inducted Considering that an induction into the World Hall of Fame is a big deal after all that effort, I’m always surprised that in golf, the process is so quiet. I’ve listened to induction speeches at football’s shrine in Canton, Ohio, and baseball is always a “What about Pete Rose?” festival. …

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Doug Sanders Dies at 86

Doug Sanders

Colorful Doug Sanders Almost Won Everything Doug Sanders was one of the strong supporting figures on the PGA tour when I was a pre-teen and starting to get really interested in watching tournament golf. I use the term ‘supporting figure’ because despite winning with some regularity, twenty times to be precise, he didn’t win the …

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Augusta National – How Would You Do?

Augusta National

Augusta Too Wet, Too Narrow, Too Dense, Too Far for Most of Us For the avid golfer and spectator of any age, the craving is an abiding one – “Just once in my life, I would dearly love to play one round at Augusta National.” For the better part of the past century, we have …

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Dow Finsterwald Still Practicing

Dow Finsterwald

50s and 60s Star Dow Finsterwald Still Loves the Game I think I’ve come upon the best trivia question possible to tell how devoted a golfer really is, and what his or her approximate age might be. All right then, here goes. Can you tell me who Dow Finsterwald is? Dow Finsterwald (I hear some …

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