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Temper, Temper: The Need for Golf Humor

If we pause to truly consider what the Scots brought about by inventing the strange, complicated game of golf, we might see it for the social and emotional contradiction that it really is. Harold Seagull called it “an adventure…a romance…a Shakespeare play in which disaster and comedy are intertwined,” and he was right. The buttons …

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If You Go Out in the Woods Today: Golf and Dangerous Wildlife

To read about recent efforts by golf course designers to include the well-being of wild animals and local foliage is encouraging.  There are an awful lot of courses in the world. Within the U.S. alone, Florida houses over twelve hundred. New designs are taking species of wildlife and their seasonal variations into account with improvements …

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Cheating At Golf: Mulligans, Foot Wedges and Gimmes

Few of us can actually quote chapter and verse of the USGA Rules of Golf, but it wouldn’t really matter if we could. Something primeval and central to our passion for the game takes hold of us (except for a few irritating puritans) as we emerge from the clubhouse and head for the first tee. …

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Julius Boros: The Big Easy

Even in the relatively polite game of golf, the cast of PGA characters in any year one could name is filled with intense, extraverted, gritty and extreme characters. That’s what makes champions, right? So, what are we to do with the most amiable, sauntering and seemingly devil may care competitor who ever played, one who …

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Going Green – Eco-Friendly Golf Courses

Golf courses can pose a potential threat to the environment through their heavy pesticide and chemical use. Many facilities are working to produce environmentally sustainable management projects. These projects are designed to protect the environment while providing positive contributions to wildlife habitats. Others strive for certification from the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program. Eco-friendly golf courses …

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The Powers Behind Amateur Golf: How They Got Here

Callaway Mystery Offer – Save 10, 15 or 20% The word amateur has always carried two or more edges of meaning. In a twentieth and twenty first century age of specialization, it has suffered the same fate as Renaissance man, suggesting both commercial invalidity and a dubious quality standard. The condescension is neatly encapsulated within …

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Where Have All the Manners Gone?

 The lexicon of phrases reserved for drivers who sit and stare at green lights  is rich and ancient. My favorite golfing aunt, however, had the best response of all. As I sat next to her on the way to the course in her little yellow Rambler,        she’d say, “Come on, Sir (or Ma’am), Mark your …

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2011 U.S. Women’s Open

Paula Creamer U.S. Women's Golf Open Winner

Predictions on Who Will Win the 2011 U.S. Women’s Open As all the LPGA tour stars gather in Colorado Springs at The Broadmoor’s East Course, all eyes are on Yani Tseng. Can she at the young age of 22 become the first golfer man or woman to complete the career grand slam? Wednesday the Golf …

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The Women’s US OPEN and A New Super Star

Yani Tseng

Will the 2011 US Women’s Open Golf Championship See the Dawning of a New Super Star? This week the Women’s US Open begins at The Broadmoor East Course designed by Donald Ross and Robert Trent Jones, Sr in Colorado Springs. Annika Sorenstam is the Honorary Chair of the event. This is the site of her …

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Putting Drills for a Better Score

Watching Rory Mcllroy and Yani Tseng lap the field in the last two major golf tournaments it was evident that their putters were working very well. Try these drills to help your score. Related Posts:No Related Posts