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In-Season Golf Training Program

The final article in this triad of golf training programs will concentrate on a maintenance workout featuring exercises designed to retain the fitness and strength level developed during your Off-Season and Pre-Season workouts (see previous articles on Pre-Season and Off-Season Programs). The in-season workout sessions are not as intense, and because we use our arms …

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Pre-Season Training for Golf

As the winter months begin to slide away, golfers are ready to think seriously about getting back out on the course. When this happens you know the time has come to start that pre-season training program. Hopefully, golfers have been diligently working on their off-season training program throughout the winter and are already in pretty …

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Off-Season Training for Golf

It’s about that time again. The end of the golf season is in sight and the perfect time to begin an off-season golf-training program. Maybe next year we’ll come to the course a little slimmer, a little stronger, and a little more flexible than ever before. This is the first article in a three-part series …

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