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Ball Flights

Flight Paths of Golf Balls

Do you know the nine different ball flights? I believe there are very few of us who really understand the nine different ball flights? To understand what happens when the clubface strikes the ball will allow us to understand these flights and help to prevent scattering our shots all over the course. Seeing the result …

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Just hit the ball!

Have you ever been told to “just hit the ball”? Well, there are a lot of different ways to hit the ball! You can top it, pick it, hit it fat, hit it thin, shank it, toe it, fade it, draw it, hook it, slice it, hole it, pop it up, hit a worm burner, …

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Golf Practice Games and Exercises

Golf is the game that the world has chosen as its lifetime hobby. In the last few years, I’ve seen an increasing number of women at the practice range. Instead of looking at it as drudgery, women seem to embrace practice. It may be because we are more success and goal oriented or we may …

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Practice Your Way To Better Golf If you practice golf, you should practice with a purpose. The main goal of your session should be to sustain a proper, repeatable swing. Many times we go to the practice range to hit balls and relieve our frustrations. If you practice without thinking about your swing or your …

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Stack and Tilt

Stack and Tilt™- Today’s Popular Swing Method Mike Bennett and Andy Palmer in an effort to help each other attain better results in their golf endeavors developed a swing method called Stack & Tilt. The method was so coined by Charlie Wi based on these words being used to describe the moves in this golf …

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