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Pat Fletcher The Canadian Open Winner

Pat Fletcher

As this week’s Canadian Open gets under way, it will be 55 years since a Canadian, Pat Fletcher won this event. In 1954 when he won the tournament he was the first Canadian since 1914 to win the national championship. Pat Fletcher was born in 1916 at Clacton-On-Sea, England. Along with his mother, Edith and …

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A Fund Raising Charity Golf Tournament

A fund raising charity golf tournament must successfully balance two vital components. First and foremost, the object is to raise as much money for the cause as can be realistically generated with the tournament you have planned. Secondly, and no less important you must insure that the players in your tournament feel that they have received …

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Charity Golf Tournaments

There are probably more golf tournaments scheduled in the name of ‘charity’ than any other. Golfers have a good conscience and are thoughtful sincere people. Golfers are ‘doers’ and competitors. When a golfer can play the game of their heart and at the same time help to benefit a cause that is just as near …

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Women’s Golf Tournament

Planning A Women’s Golf Tournament Planning a women’s golf tournament can be quite a challenge but also very rewarding. Anytime you plan an event for a specific sub-section of the population, the number of possible participants is reduced. It’s lucky for those of us who enjoy organizing events that there are so many women who …

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