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Two Faces of Washington State Golf

Visually, Washington State a Split Personality, Both Beautiful For years, I’ve put up with “Now let’s see, where’s Washington State? – Is that Up around Utah somewhere?” “You folks drive cars yet?” “Y’all still wear coonskin caps?” and the like. It is among the most beautiful and misunderstood part of the North American continent, albeit …

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Ireland – Wonderful and Brutal

Who Has Courses Like This? Welcome to the Wild Side I direct everyone’s attention to an article in Golfweek by Jason Lusk. It is an account of a visit to several northern Irish golf courses, some off the beaten track, some of enormous prestige. I have been to Ireland on a number of occasions, and …

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Oregonians Thought Tokatee a ‘Goner’

Tokatee, Beloved Oregon Course, Survives Holiday Fire Most of the time, golf courses are built within hailing distance of a city or major town. Put a golf course in the middle of nowhere, and it had better be a good one if it wants to survive. Such is the case of Tokatee Golf Club, situated …

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A Shoutout to Walla Walla, Washington

Golf in the Sweetest Town That Ever Sat on a Prairie – Walla Walla I’ll admit it. I went to college there – Whitman College. If I got the chance to do it over again, I’d go to the very same place. A small town of parks, creeks, pretty golf courses and a culture that …

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Augusta National – How Would You Do?

Augusta National

Augusta Too Wet, Too Narrow, Too Dense, Too Far for Most of Us For the avid golfer and spectator of any age, the craving is an abiding one – “Just once in my life, I would dearly love to play one round at Augusta National.” For the better part of the past century, we have …

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South America and Tour Golf

Munoz won the Sanderson Farms Championship in Jackson, Mississippi

Munoz and Niemann in Two Straight Victories for South America We can argue all we want over who invented the game of golf, or the game that eventually became golf. For the modern world, however, it is Britain, more specifically Scotland. This being a given, the game arriving on Canadian and U.S. shores is a …

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Pettersen, Solheim – the Perfect Finish

Suzanne Pettersen

Suzanne Pettersen Retires at High Point I can’t put my finger on what it is about the Solheim Cup. There is an uplifting feeling that I get watching it, one I don’t even feel at the Masters. It’s not just because it’s a continental battle, but the way in which it is waged. Talk about …

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Solheim 2019 – Who is Anne Van Dam?

Anne Van Dam

Anne Van Dam Second Dutch Golfer at Solheim The first photos are out of the European Solheim Team for 2019. I love the plaid front jackets. Where can I get one? I guess that by the time Solheim is over, they will become iconic as a women’s event – too bad. Take a look at …

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Who is Brittany Altomare?

Brittany Altomare

Altomare takes Eighth Qualifying Spot for Solheim A week or so ago, I announced that it was time for the Solheim Cup, or rather, “It’s Solheim Time!” I knew in that moment that I was a couple of weeks early, and even now, it’s a few days away, but maybe I thought I could make …

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Tahoe and Celebrities


American Century Championship at Tahoe For the past two days, I have been struck with a case of golf envy. Two men from the nearest branch of the family tree are in Nevada watching a golf tournament, and even got themselves hired on as marshals.  Before visions of arid desert with hundreds of miles of …

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