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Successful Golf Expensive

Golf Expensive

Tour Golf Life Expensive, Difficult to Sustain and Balance I recall an interview with Padraig Harrington in which he was asked about problems on tour. He replied that as professional golfers, “we don’t really have problems.” The comment was right for the specific situation under discussion, so it made sense then. However, I’m sure Harrington …

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Recovery and Change in the Human Golfer

Recovery is Mandatory

Change is a Constant – Recovery is Mandatory We have been visited this week by a family member who loves everything about golf. It’s a person we all want to see more of, so I’m taking the opportunity to do just that. The two of us  are making our first trip to the range after …

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Golf and Comedy

The Rift Between the Golf and Non-Golf World in Comedy How people talk about the professions or general activities of others as objects of derision never ceases to amaze me. Far more often than not, the object of the diatribe is something the attacker has never done, or in an arena where he or she …

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Climate Change Requires a Response

In golf terms, I have no interest in debating the cause of climate change, but something’s happening, and Mother Nature is in no mood to debate, either. She’s going to do what she does, regardless of our analysis, and it really doesn’t matter to her whose fault it is. Our job is to pay attention …

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Gadget Technology for Christmas

Golf Technology Can be Fun and Helpful, but Something’s Lost I could spend the next two hours telling you all the joys of technology, and all the things I appreciate living with in this century, beginning with not having to ride a horse all the time. Closer to golf, I’m more than good with carts, …

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H.W. Bush – Golf and Fathers

Bush #41 Unintentional Ambassador of Golf I have a certain affinity for the number 41. It was a good age, when I was strong enough to do what I wanted, and smart enough to do predominantly constructive things. For me, on average during my better playing days, 41 was a pretty good score per nine …

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Pam Barton – Golf, War and Airplanes

Pam Barton

If one is going to be a professional golfer in or anywhere near the 21st century, one is not going to get from tournament to tournament by throwing the clubs in the back seat of the 1954 Studebaker and taking off. There might be a little of that in the beginning, but once one engages …

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Goats for Caddies – Uh-Oh!

Leave It to Oregon to Train Goats as a Golfer’s Best Friend The Silvies Ranch in Eastern Oregon has been around for over a century, and has done quite well for a location unknown to even most Oregonians. The ranch serves Grant County. Eastern Oregon is largely devoid of people, forests, and other Oregon symbols, …

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Emily Nash Denied Trophy After Win

Emily Nash, 16, Allowed to Compete, Not Allowed to Win So, here is the situation, and keep in mind that this is the year 2017. Unfortunately for girls’ golf, Lunenburg High School in Massachusetts doesn’t have a golf team for young women. That leaves Emily Nash out in the cold, although she can compete later …

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Green Should be the Prize for Golf Environment

Should We Change our Color Scheme to Make Only the Green Part the Object of the Golf? We certainly have seen it all this year. Fires from British Columbia to southern California. A lot of golf courses have been damaged or destroyed all along the west coast. Then, of course, we had Harvey in Texas, …

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