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Make this year the time you improve your golf game by buying a new set of golf clubs.

With today’s technology if you have not purchased golf clubs in the last 5 years, it is time for you to dramatically improve your game with a new set of clubs.

If you are like me you may have become very possessive of your golf clubs. They have become like old friends or old slippers. They are very familiar and comfortable. The advances in technology that have changed the composition of both the heads and shafts of golf clubs provides those of us who have slower swing speeds the greatest opportunity to improve our games. Never before have we had as many choices in forgiving club heads or responsive shafts.

For me this January was a wake up call. My husband and I spent 5 weeks at a golf resort in Florida. It was a time for me to take stock of my golf clubs and realize that sadly they need replacing. This is a bit of a struggle for me. In the past if I needed golf clubs my father provided them or they were stock from the golf company we owned. For the first time in my life I became a confused consumer. How should I go about finding the right club for myself? Should I choose Taylor Made, Callaway, Ping, Mizuno, Nike, Nancy Lopez, or Cobra? I am emotionally tied to Cobra having been a Cobra distributor and having played Cobra Men’s Senior Clubs for years. The type of shaft and head is also a dilemma for me. I am wondering now that I am becoming a more senior lady should I switch to a ladies golf club?  I am also having a bit of anxiety about how I will be treated by the merchants selling golf clubs. One of my favorite magazines Golf For Women ran an article on how different women were treated by various merchants across the country. So I am hunting for a golf supplier who will be happy to help me with information and respect.  

When I started to research the available new golf club options, I wondered how many other women have been directed to the “Ladies Clubs”.  How many of us were asked about our swing speed, our height or athletic abilities? I wondered if it was explained to them that the new technology has allowed manufacturers to design clubs to help slower swingers. I wondered if they were told that no one club is for everyone. I think it is very important to keep your mind open, do lots of research and try some different options. Having taken these steps I think I am ready to improve the enjoyment of my golf and this year I am going to buy a new set of golf clubs. 

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