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How To Find A Golf Ball To Suit Your Game

It would appear that a high percentage of recreational golfers play with the wrong golf ball. The fitting of a golf ball to your swing speed and golf game is a much neglected part of golf equipment selection.

Often the choice of a golf ball has nothing to do with its performance for the individual golfer. There is the golfer who must have the latest golf ball that won on Tour this week. There is the golfer who always buys the newest distance golf ball. There is the golfer who always buys the cheapest ball on the market and there is the golfer who haunts the used golf ball bin. However just like selecting golf clubs today’s technology has given the average golfer a chance to choose a golf ball that will improve their game.

There are certainly criteria that the USGA dictates about golf balls. A ball cannot be smaller than 1.680 inches. The velocity cannot exceed more than 250 feet per second and weight cannot be more than 1.620 ounces. The dimples on a modern golf ball are between 300-450. The depth and the shape of dimples may differ from manufacturer to manufacturer.

The manufacturers spend a great deal of money researching many of the construction facets. They experiment with the core. In the past the core of a golf ball was a solid or liquid filled small ball around which were yards and yards of skinny rubber. The cover of these balls was balata with the dimple pattern appearing in the early 1900’s. Today the pressurized cores are made from titanium compounds and hybrid materials. With softer shells the balls can be two piece, three piece or four layer design. The covers are made from surlyn (A thermoplastic resin (ionomer) cover, invented by DuPont in the late 1970’s, Surlyn™ is a very common material in durable cover balls.), and urethane blends.

The manufacturers have experimented with size, pattern, distance and number of dimples. When the surface area is reduced it is less affected by air. The shape of the dimples changes the drag and when the drag is reduced the ball flies further.

If the compression of a golf balldoes not match a golfer’s swing speed either a lack of compression or over compression will occur resulting in a loss of distance. Balls can divide roughly into two categories – Recreational and Advanced. The recreational ball suits lower swing speeds. It is usually two e three or more layers with a firmer cover and softer core. This combination allows for low compression and reduced side spin. These balls are usually lower in price.

The advanced golf ball will usually be three or more layers. They will have a firm core and a soft cover. This combination gives a greater amount of spin from especially lofted shots such as wedges. There is also a softer feel in the hands when the ball is struck. Some of the soft, high launch golf balls suitable for women’s slower swing speed are: Click on any of the boxes to be directed to balls at great savings.

Pinnacle Ribbon

Pinnacle Ribbon Golf Balls

Pinacle Ribbonis the ball that bears the pink ribbon in support of the Susan G. Komen for the Cure breast cancer. It has a soft surlyn cover and is a low compression with a resilient core. It has a 392 Icosahedral (A many sided, three dimensional, hexagonal shape made up of many small triangles) dimple design. The benefits it claims to have are improved control around the greens, softer feel on all shots and cut proof durability. Available: clear, pink and white

Precept Lady IQ 180

Precept Ladies IQ Golf Ball

Precept Lady IQ is a high performer with a durable seamless surlyn cover, gradation compression, soft core and 342 dimples This is the ball Paula Creamer plays in pink and has made famous with her pink ball on Sundays. Available: pink, yellow and white





Bridgestone e5+

Bridgestone e5+ Golf Balls

Bridgestone e5+ is two piece design has a softer urethane cover, explosive large core, 330 seamless dimple design, a high launch trajectory, and longer carry It is suitable for most swing speeds. Available: white


Wilson Hope

Wilson Hope Golf Ball

Wilson Hope is a soft feeling, long distance golf ball with clear cover. The purchase of this product supports breast cancer through the Cancer Research Foundation. Available: pink, purple, orange, and yellow Srixon Soft Feel is softer and longer. The 328 swallow dimple design has impressive ball velocity and lift. It has a soft high resilient cover with an energetic impressive ball velocity. It suits moderate to low swing speeds. Available: white

Callaway Golf Solaire Pink Golf Balls

Callaway Golf Solaire Pink is a three piece ball with exceptional distance. It has a soft responsive core, hexagonal dimple pattern, reactive boundary layer, and a firm ionomer cover. These features increase ball speed and ball flight. It may become a favorite amongst women and men golfers seeking long distance. Available: pink

Tilteist NX Extreme


Tilteist NX is designed for all levels of golfers looking for distance. It has soft feel, soft compression solid core is made of polybutadiene and a durable 392 dimpled surlyn cover. Titleist is also advertising that if this ball is cut through normal play it will replace it with a sleeve of three. Available: white


Nike Power Distance Women Pink Golf Balls – 2011

Nike Power Distance Women Pink Golf Balls - 2011
Nike Power Distance Women Pink Golf Balls – 2011 compression rating is 50 for soft feel and great carry. This two-piece ball has a cover made of Ionomer and 320 high lift dimples, for increased ball flight. Available: white

Volvik Crystal

Volvik Crystal Golf Balls
Volvik Crystal is semi-transparent ball has 446 octahedral dimples with 70 compression, control core, resilient soft surlyn cover, and medium to high trajectory.

Maxfli Noodle

Maxfli Noodleis designed to go far and feel soft has higher ball speed, impact propulsion. It has 2 piece construction, live action core, durable Iothane cover and maximum hang time. Available: white





Top-Flite Gamer Seamless Dimple in Dimple™ Aerodynamics

Top Flight Gamer Golf Balls

Top-Flight Gamer allows ball to maintain spin for better stability, reduced drag and longer flight. Soft, thin ionomer cover, large, high-resiliency core Available: white

The above represents some of the modern technology which enables women to maximize their ability on the golf course. As you can see the dimple pattern and depth play an important role. To optimize these features it is very important to keep your golf ball clean and dry. To find the golf ball that best suits your individual game it is a good idea to buy several sleeves of a brand. Give your selection a good test drive by using your choice for several games and then try another. By this method you will find a ball that performs best for your game. Click on any of the boxes to be directed to balls at great savings.

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