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Golf Clubs For Women – Review Ladies Golf Clubs

Ted Williams, one of baseball’s greatest hitters of all time, once said golf is more difficult than baseball because you have to play your foul balls.  Golf is one of the most challenging sports anyone can take up.  Too often, I see equipment that does not fit an individual’s swing.  While men routinely purchase a new driver that will give them an edge, women usually get the left over equipment their husbands no longer use.  Playing equipment that is too long, heavy and stiff makes it nearly impossible to improve.  I would like you to take a look at the top performing women’s drivers, fairway woods, hybrids and irons, which include the Ping Rhapsody, the Cobra S3-Max1, Callaway FT-9 and FT-iQ, Taylor Made Women’s Burner, and the Cleveland HiBore Bloom. I personally recommend all of the equipment.  They are from the leading golf club manufacturers.  The tricky aspect is deciding what you like.  It is all good, but what fits your eye and your swing the best?


Ping Rhapsody DriverFirst, the Ping Rhapsody line has been a great seller for the past year.  They are lightweight, from the driver to the irons, and designed for the swing speed of women to optimize a high launch and longer carry.  Ping also is a leader in the club fitting process to make sure the clubs fit your specific swing.  I have seen many people who purchase Ping equipment remain loyal to the brand for years to come.  For the money you spend on Ping, it is one of the best deals out there.
Cobra S3-Max driver
The Cobra S3-Max driver has an increased sweet spot on the club face, which results in more forgiving and more consistent ball flight. The S3 Fairway Woods include a shallow face to increase launch angle and forgiveness.  The Women’s Baffler TWS  has a three weight system to lower the center of gravity to help get the ball up in the air.  Again, the theme of the SZ irons is forgiveness with a lower center of gravity with a higher launch angle.
Callaway Fusion FT-iQ Driver
Callaway has an endless amount of Women’s equipment.  They released a new line of drivers, but we will start with the Big Bertha, which debuted last year.  The Big Bertha has a 440 cc head, which is slightly smaller than most which have a 460 cc head.  This reduces the overall weight, allowing for increased swing speeds and a potential for more distance.  The loft is optimized for a woman’s swing speed.  The FT-9 is designed to allow you to shape shots, whether you want to hit a fade, straight, or draw.  The FT-9 produces a high ball speed off the club face allowing you to generate more distance with your drives.  While the FT-9 allows you to shape shots, The Callaway Fusion FT-iQ Driver hits it straight.  The FT-iQ, with the square shape, is Callaway’s longest and straightest driver they have created.  Callaway has a number of fairway woods.  The FT includes the Opti Fit Weighting System, which offers a draw or neutral center of gravity to fit individual shots.  The FT-I Squareway woods are the most forgiving fairway woods created byCallaway.  The FT hybrid optimizes the center of gravity for more forgiveness. Callaway has four sets of irons, the FT, FT-ibrids X-22, and Big Bertha. The X-22 irons are the best X series iron Callaway has ever developed, which include a tour inspired club head shape.  They include a thinner top line and sole. The Big Bertha irons are very forgiving and easy to hit.  They blend the consistency of irons with the forgiveness of hybrids. The FT Irons include the utmost in playability and performance for mid to low handicap ladies. The FT i-brids give you the consistency of hitting hybrids.  They are the perfect game improvement iron that delivers the ultimate in forgiveness.

Taylor Made Women’s Burner DriverNext, the Taylor Made Women’s Burner Driver provides a low center of gravity to provide a high launch and low spin off the club face.  Also, it provides a more consistent shot for off center hits.  The R7CGB Max Driver incorporates the movable weight technology with three different weights to change trajectory.  This is beneficial to the lady who is looking to work the ball.  It also has a triangular shape in the club head, which places the center of gravity in the back of the club head. Again, the R7CGB Max fairway woods will have the playability and moveable weight technology equal to the driver.  The R7CGB Max Rescue has the triangular shape with a deep center of gravity to get the ball in the air.  However, the Rescue does not incorporate the moveable weight technology. The Burner Plus irons include a lightweight, perimeter weighted iron to increase swing speed and offer the ultimate in forgiveness. The R7CGB Max incorporates maximum technology to achieve maximum distance, forgiveness, and accuracy.  The extra large club head produces a high ball speed for longer distance.

Cleveland HiBore BloomFinally, Cleveland HiBore Bloom has achieved Cleveland Golf’s biggest club face ever.  The bigger club face produces longer and more consistent solid and mishit shots.  The long shape of the HiBore Bloom makes alignment very easy. The HiBore Bloom fairway woods will take the same characteristics of the driver.  The HiBore Bloom Hybrid is designed to make it easier to square the club face at impact, therefore, eliminating unwanted slices. The HiBore Xli Irons positioned a low and deep center of gravity to help get the ball in the air for maximum distance.

Remember, all of the equipment is top of the line, and you can’t go wrong by selecting any of it.  However, try hitting all the clubs to find the perfect driver, fairway woods, hybrids and iron combination to fit your swing and improve your game.
Matthew Keller, PGA

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