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Late Bloomer Who Wins Older, Can Diversify-Why?

What Is It That Makes a Multi-talented Late Bloomer? The most common story is that a player picks up his or her first club in childhood, hits a natural 100 yard drive, sinks a 15-footer, and is off to fame and fortune as a touring player. For the early starter, there are many inherent advantages, …

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Woods, Williams, Mickelson – Age Our Nemesis

Tiger Woods, Serena Williams, Phil Mickelson Don’t Want to Stop Tiger Woods shared a sympathetic  tribute to tennis great Serena Williams as they share some of the ills we experience approaching middle age and beyond. He swept aside all other considerations for the moment, and chalked it up to the biggest reality in life. The …

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Teaching My Eight-Year Old Self the Game

What I Did Wrong Teaching Myself Like most golfers, I took lessons as a kid, and then off and on through the years. Also like most people, a lot of learning has come from teaching myself based on what I got in those lessons. Unfortunately, my eight-year old buccaneer brain didn’t take to mechanics. I …

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Dow Finsterwald Still Practicing

Dow Finsterwald

50s and 60s Star Dow Finsterwald Still Loves the Game I think I’ve come upon the best trivia question possible to tell how devoted a golfer really is, and what his or her approximate age might be. All right then, here goes. Can you tell me who Dow Finsterwald is? Dow Finsterwald (I hear some …

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A Late Career Reminder from Ben Hogan

Hogan and 9-hole Time Machine Excites at ’67 Masters Only a week after emphasizing a point that Mickelson, Woods, and other older players will soon be eclipsed by a spectacular young generation, I find myself apologizing, even if it is true. There is, as a rule, a counterbalancing point to such all-or-nothing statements, and I …

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