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Chick Evans – College for Caddies

Early Legend Chick Evans Left Enormous Legacy I had to think a little, but yes, I remember the name of Chick Evans, or more properly I should say Charles E. “Chick” Evans. However, the reason I remembered it is that I have a memory of seeing the name on the head of a driver as …

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Josh Hill – What’s In It for the Amateur?

Josh Hill

Josh Hill, Amateur, Youngest to Win Sanctioned Event There are a few tournaments held in the Middle East and North Africa, and a few of them are on the MENA Tour. One of them, the Al Ain Open, was just won by a westerner who was raised there.  Josh Hill, entering the Al Ain as …

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From Smith to Kupcho – Augusta History

Jennifer Kupcho Makes All Sort of History at Augusta National Women’s Amateur Many, many years ago, the great Bobby Jones and Mr. Clifford Roberts created a course and an event at Augusta National that would reign as the greatest American major, and maybe the greatest in the world. Mr. Roberts declared that as long as …

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Lucy Li to Miss Augusta

Teen Sensation Li to Miss Inaugural Women’s Event at Augusta Yes, the next teen sensation is ready to come out of her “amazing things for such a young golfer” phase that alerted us to her great potential, and start realizing it. There are other high-profile wunderkinds as well, and they will all have their time …

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Pam Barton – Golf, War and Airplanes

Pam Barton

If one is going to be a professional golfer in or anywhere near the 21st century, one is not going to get from tournament to tournament by throwing the clubs in the back seat of the 1954 Studebaker and taking off. There might be a little of that in the beginning, but once one engages …

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The Pro Difference

Paul Gallico’s Take on Pro Sports All too many of us have a view of professional sports (that we also play as amateurs) as just a better version of what we do in our simple efforts – those stars are doing the same things we are trying to do, but just have a natural talent …

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Ball Change for Amateurs?

Why Can’t We Use the Balls That the Pros Use? I remember a few times of furor in my youth about the British golf ball versus the larger one used in most other places. It was smaller, ergo harder to hit in my opinion, and had different flight behavior, from what I’m told. In all …

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Here Comes Canada, Here Comes Ko!

Lydia Ko

Can Lydia Ko Win it for a Third Time? When the Canadians hold a golf tournament on the pro tour, it feels a little different to those of us who live down south. It’s the subtle distinction between history and tradition. Augusta mostly gives off the feeling of the latter, but the London Hunt and …

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