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LPGA Needs New Phenom to Jolt Ratings?


Who’s Grabbing the Attention on the LPGA Tour These Days? I have read this week that despite Michael Whan’s terrific progress over the past few years, something is lacking at the top of the leaderboard to kick start a new wave of gallery passion in the women’s game. That question begs several others. Among them …

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Wake Forest Golf -a Dynasty?

Wake Forest University

Women’s Golf at Wake Forest University Has Been Taking Over The question might be put this way – what are they putting in the Wheaties over at Wake Forest University? At least, that could be asked for the women’s golf team, which seems to be winning every accolade in sight, and winning them big. The …

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Solheim A Blast in 2017

Solheim Cup

More Than Just A Solheim Win for the U.S. I’m so sorry that the Solheim Cup has been offered on alternative years since its inception. It’s just too much fun in one week to spend two years of waiting. Karsten Solheim, businessman and golf club designer, really knew what he was doing, not only in …

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Tiger and Lydia – Breakthrough Week?

Tiger and Lydia

 Augusta – Tiger and ANA – Lydia This Week In the world of quantum physics golf, seemingly impossible to pin down, the greatest male player of his generation has fallen out of the top 100, and the new female sensation has become her tour’s number one before her eighteenth birthday. I doubt many of us …

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Michelle Hitting Her Stride

Michelle Wie

Michelle Wie Arrived! A lot of us have written a lot about Michelle Wie lately, and I was going to promise to take a break. I know there are a ton of other stories going on in the game of golf. This week, however, you’ve got to forgive us all. This week, we’ve got to …

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Japan Going All Out to Win Mizuno

Shiho Oyama

The Mizuno Classic Looking For Japanese winner I almost always enjoy watching a home-town favorite win an important golf tournament, and it happens more often than one what might think. Maybe it’s because the native son or daughter is breathing his or her own air, walking familiar grass, knows the course inside and out, has …

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Thoughts on the European Solheim Team

Liselotte Neumann

Europe Fields a Young Team for Solheim 2013 The U.S. Solheim team is bringing a lot of talent to Colorado, no doubt about it. However, captain Meg Mallon remembers times in the past when young European teams with anonymous faces beat the Americans. These days, it doesn’t matter if you know the names or not …

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