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Golf – A Lonely Game

Golf Lonely

Golf Lonely When You Play, Lonely When It’s Over Why would anyone say such a thing? Golf is a social game to be played with one’s family, best friends, guests or business colleagues. I’m certainly not talking about weekend or amateur retirement golf. Those can be some of the most golden hours of one’s life. …

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Why the Anxiety Over Wie and Woods?

So Much Public Angst for Two Great Golf Careers As a golfing culture, the U.S., Canada, Europe and numerous other spots around the globe are following their favorite players as if it’s a matter of life and death. When one adores competition, it can be fun to do that, but sometimes I think that we …

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Is Golf Bringing us Health?

Golf Health

Does Golf Help Your Health? Game Brings Joy and Torture, Depending on How We Respond to It I was moved by an article written by Anya Alvarez, who was a professional golfer for four years, before leaving the game for a writing career. Alvarez suggests that for her, the pressure of the professional game was …

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