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My So-Called Putting Game

Putting Game

Looking Back at the Putting Tricks We’ve Tried I was determined as a young person to make an advanced science out of putting. What I eventually made out of it was often a mockery instead, but I did put in the work. As a junior golfer, of course, having a putter that looked futuristic and …

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Charisma on Tour – Who Has It?

Charisma on Tour

Where is the Charisma of the Old Days?  It’s interesting to see 1950s television devotees speak of the good old days. It was a time when we could immediately tell the difference between the black hats and the white hats. Heroes and villains had no sub-motives or parallel plot lines. It was ‘rob the bank’ …

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Masters Eras Roll By

I read in the news this week that golfer Esteban Toledo, who has won on the tour, is going to this year’s Masters. He’s not going as a player, but as a caddie for another pro. My first thought was, “Where did it all go? It all ran by so fast that I barely saw …

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Arnie Goes in to Straighten Heartbeat

Arnie Palmer

The King, Arnie Palmer is Recuperating, Should be Out Soon If one has the idea to wrap up the lifetime, professional or otherwise, of Arnold Palmer, an article simply won’t do it. One would need a major biographer, miles of footage and interviews, and a quiet place to consider just what kind of man he …

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