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LPGA Founders and the 70th Anniversary

LPGA Founders

What Would the Founders of the LPGA Think Today? The beginning of the 2020 season for women’s golf wasn’t just spectacular because of what Gaby Lopez did in the Diamond Resorts Championship. It’s not even what she might do this week. Someone is going to be the inaugural winner of a new tournament, the Gainbridge …

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LPGA Needs New Phenom to Jolt Ratings?


Who’s Grabbing the Attention on the LPGA Tour These Days? I have read this week that despite Michael Whan’s terrific progress over the past few years, something is lacking at the top of the leaderboard to kick start a new wave of gallery passion in the women’s game. That question begs several others. Among them …

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Charisma on Tour – Who Has It?

Charisma on Tour

Where is the Charisma of the Old Days?  It’s interesting to see 1950s television devotees speak of the good old days. It was a time when we could immediately tell the difference between the black hats and the white hats. Heroes and villains had no sub-motives or parallel plot lines. It was ‘rob the bank’ …

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