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Myths and Pro Comparisons

Are the Principles We Were Taught Accurate or Myths? We all heard the same things as child golfers, whether from one person or another. Some were teachers, some were older children. These days, I’m not sure that those axioms were in every way correct. My guess is that they carried a nugget of good advice, …

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My So-Called Putting Game

Putting Game

Looking Back at the Putting Tricks We’ve Tried I was determined as a young person to make an advanced science out of putting. What I eventually made out of it was often a mockery instead, but I did put in the work. As a junior golfer, of course, having a putter that looked futuristic and …

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An Apology (of sorts) to Thomas Pieters

Thomas Pieters

From All Those Horrible Americans to Thomas Pieters I have to admit it, we Americans are a handful. Not only are we overly self-expressed at moments in which a little restraint might be a nice idea, but some of us move about the country and the world with an undeserved swagger. Sometimes we mistake a golf …

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