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Marriage between LPGA Golfer and Caddie – Tricky Stuff

LPGA Caddy Relationships Already Hard – But a Marriage? Eleanor Roosevelt let fly with a clever quip in her day, although it has a ring of incorrectness for the modern day that I can’t precisely put my finger on. She suggested that women are like teabags – you never know how strong they are until …

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Chick Evans – College for Caddies

Early Legend Chick Evans Left Enormous Legacy I had to think a little, but yes, I remember the name of Chick Evans, or more properly I should say Charles E. “Chick” Evans. However, the reason I remembered it is that I have a memory of seeing the name on the head of a driver as …

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Willie McRae Everyone’s Caddie, Dies at 85

Willie McRae

McRae Pinehurst Genius Who Caddied for Stars and Common Man Willie Lee McRae of Taylortown, North Carolina, never became a political superstar, a famous athlete, or renowned touring golfer, but those who did depended on him for his knowledge and guidance. From the age of 10 in 1943, he caddied at the famous Pinehurst Course, and …

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Daly, Willet – How Things Change


Daly and Willett – How the Mighty Have Fallen, and the Fallen are Again Mighty I’ve followed John Daly for so long that I’m surprised that either one of us is still around.  It’s been wild, colorful, outrageous, absurd, incredible, and entirely unpredictable. And through all of it, something in me has always sort of …

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Lydia Ko – A Pattern as Obstacle


Ko, Number One in the World, but Tentatively So much of the preparation for great golf involves perfecting the repeatable swing, the reliable groove,and the putting feel that can be duplicated over a long stretch. Muscle memory and freedom from clenching, having to reinvent or experiment. It’s the stuff of which champions are made, those …

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Caddie Tell-All

Tiger’s Caddie Tells All Everybody Get a Life! It was only a matter of time. People who work for important people love to get the story and the complaints off their chest sooner or later. High-priced caddie Steve Williams, who once carried the bag and some of the brains for Tiger Woods, has released his …

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Henderson’s Back – Boys Fighting

Brooke Henderson Fighting for Tour Card But Fine Golf Not Always a Beautiful Sight I just talked about Brooke Henderson last week. Now, it’s someone else’s turn, but we have to take note of Brooke Henderson again, because she’s a contender again, and is demonstrating some elite persistence about doing well at this golf tour …

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Caddies Suing PGA – Revolution!

Fifty Million Dollar Suit Caddie’s and musicians share the same history – sleep in the stables, be heard, not seen, or the other way around. Musicians have mostly climbed out of the pit of inequality, but golf caddies are still trying to get that last leg up, and break the stereotype that has kept them …

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The PGA Caddie Revolt

  Caddies Going After “Unpaid “Endorsements”     It’s an old, old story about support groups and devalued members of society. When western climbers are killed on Mt. Everest, we read their names in the newspaper. But the seven Serpa guides who died with them? Not a clue, just “seven Serpa guides.” Not too many …

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Willie Hutchison Dies

Willie Hutchison- Great Scottish Caddie We can talk about what caddies are expected to do in the same way we can talk about other professions that require fine judgement and the skillful use of accumulated knowledge. Yes, we know that they carry the bag and replace divots, learn the yardage of everything to everything, research …

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