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Goats for Caddies – Uh-Oh!

Leave It to Oregon to Train Goats as a Golfer’s Best Friend The Silvies Ranch in Eastern Oregon has been around for over a century, and has done quite well for a location unknown to even most Oregonians. The ranch serves Grant County. Eastern Oregon is largely devoid of people, forests, and other Oregon symbols, …

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What’s Wrong With the Palmer?

Arnie Palmer

Players are Skipping It, Caddies Speak Ill of It The championship course at Bay Hill was built in Orlando around the early 1960s. I’ve been hearing the name ever since as one of the PGA’s prominent venues. It was owned by various individuals and entities until Arnold Palmer bought it it in the ’70s. Palmer …

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History and the Queen of Golf

Mary, Queen of Scots Female Pioneer of Women’s Golf It is human nature to think that everything that relates to us started a generation or two back at most. At least, when we look back, that’s about how far we see. Anything past that requires investigation. The LPGA was established around the middle of the …

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