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Phil Mickelson in New Prime – Doesn’t Know It

With 44 Wins, Phil Mickelson at That Awkward Age Phil Mickelson is entering his second Champions Tour event this week. He won the first one, and for a time it may begin to look as though the fox has gained admission to the hen house. Mickelson has turned the magical age of 50. Actually, I’m …

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Langer Closing In, Shows How to Age

Bernhard Langer Chasing Irwin Champions Record I suppose that everyone thinks this way once in a while – “If I could only back to younger days with my present knowledge and attitude.” I remember when I could hit a golf ball the wrong way, and somehow tweak the body so that it looked ok after …

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Langer Catches Nicklaus – Player Interjects

Bernhard Langer Has Broken the Senior Major Win Mark Set by Nicklaus (and Player?) A good part of the last decade has been spent agonizing over whether Tiger Woods would catch Jack Nicklaus, and eclipse his mark of 18 major wins on the PGA Tour. It turns out that we might have been following the …

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Spieth’s Happy New Year

Spieth In Fine Form As New Year Starts For about a month now, I’ve been casting about for things to write that didn’t directly connect with the act of hitting a golf ball. It was all about the game of golf, but not about hitting the ball, or about somebody special hitting the ball. When …

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Learn from the Masters

The Masters Playing at the Masters Thoughts about the Generations Playing Together  It was James Agee who wrote the text to “Let Us Now Praise Famous Men,” and although he was researching a poor cross-section of the American population, and how they toiled in a difficult existence, the phrase works for many situations, even professional …

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Fascinating Golf

Tiger woods

What/Who is Needed to Keep Golf Fascinating? The articles are coming out by the dozen – what are we going to do in the post-Tiger world? How will we replace the one who has carried the game for decades, the one who filled the void after the Big Three years? Just like the film world …

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