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World Long-Drive, It’s a Thing

World Long-Drive

World Long-Drive Champions Shoot Distance to Make Munis’ Mouths Water I have known about the long-drive championships since the first day I watched a golf tournament as a kid. The one who sticks out for me was George Bayer, so you can tell how long ago that was, and even he wasn’t the earliest. However, …

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Pro Still a Pro, Teaching or Touring

The PGA Pro Championship Rounds Out Field for PGA Championship I’ve been looking at professional golf all my life, so why does this leaderboard appear in May of 2019 without a single name that I recognize? They ought to be out there on tour, shouldn’t they? The winner, Alex Beach, finished the four rounds at …

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Henderson Here to Stay

Henderson Takes Charge, Wins Lotte Championship

Wins First Major in Second Year A lot of us sensed that this was coming a year ago or more.  It’s not an easy thing to sense. because the game of women’s golf is filled to the brim with talents from all over the world. Who can tell which one will have staying power? The …

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Tour Championship – Spieth’s Check

Jordan Spieth Chasing Enormous Purse I never thought I’d live to see the day when a golfer could win ten million dollars in a four day tournament. Even in 1960, I thought that the purses for the major (and minor) events on the tour were spectacular, and I dreamed of winning just one of them. …

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