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Charles Schwab – The Sounds of Silence

Good Golf As PGA Returns, but The Silence is Eerie I’m taking a break from the final round of the Charles Schwab, despite being interested in who wins. It’s something I would seldom do, but I needed a short time away from the sound of nothing. – the almost irritating silence.The golf is good, the …

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PGA Microphone – Can You Hear Me Now?

Some Charles Schwab Pros Will Carry A Microphone I cannot recall off-hand the name of the person who invented the microphone, but he or she certainly did start something. For public entertainment, spy networks, eager historians and family tree researchers, it has been a boon For various politicians or anyone invested in preserving a pristine …

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It’s Bernhard Langer…Again!

Bernhard Langer Defies the Norm, Keeps Playing Like a Champion We’ve seen this type of durability before, but not very often. Golfers such as Gary Player left the PGA Tour still playing the game brilliantly. They didn’t have to stop, and nobody threw them out. Now, after years of watching, I’m seeing an extreme example …

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