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Olympic Golf Can Wait A Year

Olympic Golf

Canada First to Call Off Olympic Games As a citizen of the south forty from Canada’s south forty, I’m beginning to think that the human being has more functional sense as it moves north into cooler temperatures.  A short time after Canada excused itself from the Olympic Games in Tokyo, which are now postponed, complaints …

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The Gimme and Lessons from History

The Gimme

A New Gimme Rule Answers Old Prayers and Teaches about Old Plagues Since childhood, those of us who freak out over a three-footer or less have a new champion in the USGA. The most powerful body in western golf has always maintained its rigidity toward changing the game, to the consternation of modern thinkers. However, …

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Social Distancing and the Perfect Golf Day

Social Distancing

How to Keep Playing and Observe Social Distancing During Coronavirus We are by now about a week into giving up everything we love to do, or at least most of it. However, golf doesn’t need to disappear along with movie theaters, restaurants, and concerts. Social distancing is hard to achieve in places like that, unless …

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Spring Without Golf-Coronavirus

Players Cancelled, Masters Postponed from Coronavirus – For How Long? None of us knows how long this coronavirus thing is going to continue as a major health concern, but we do know that it flies no  flag, holds no territory, and couldn’t care less about any one of us and our situations. In the insensate …

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