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PNC Father – Son (and Daughter) Challenge

PNC of 2020

PNC of 2020 Incredible Venue for the Best Nostalgia At first, I thought I was looking at something in the Bahamas, but it turned out to be the Ritz-Carlton in Orlando, Florida. I look forward to each year of the Father-Son Challenge, but this year was a whole new experience.  The PNC, as before, brings …

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Daly, Willet – How Things Change


Daly and Willett – How the Mighty Have Fallen, and the Fallen are Again Mighty I’ve followed John Daly for so long that I’m surprised that either one of us is still around.  It’s been wild, colorful, outrageous, absurd, incredible, and entirely unpredictable. And through all of it, something in me has always sort of …

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Boo Makes it Interesting

Boo Weekley Straight-talking, Blue Collar Swinger On one hand, I appreciate that the game of golf is a spectacle of manners with some attention paid to fashion. I appreciate the sportsmanship, and the general level of personal sophistication. The sort of English one hears in an interview is a little different than that held after …

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Woods, Daly – Easy Come Easy Go

Wood’s Game Disappearing, Daly Has Old Moment In the continuing mystery of why the game of golf appears and disappears at the strangest moments, and in the strangest ways, two of the most recognizable names from the past few decades put out a pair of contrasts in the last two weeks that are truly head-scratchers. …

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