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Putting – Microcosm of Everything Else

Most of What Happens on Tee and Fairway Can Happen Putting After watching an afternoon of the 3M Tournament, which included a few putting woes, I am reminded that in several ways putting is not a separate game from the rest of it. When greens are difficult, or when a collective sense of “puttaphobia” overtakes …

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Beat Big Hitter? Stay Within Yourself

How Can We Compete With a ‘Big Hitter’ Who Hits It Sooooo Far? I once undertook a project known to be very difficult at work. When it was over, my friend said “Congratulations. You did it much less badly than anyone else.” I was grateful for the comment. That’s the game of golf. It’s bigger …

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Off the Tee – Going the Distance

Off the Tee - Going the Distance

Increased Distance Causing Problems – but for Whom? They just won’t let me have it my way, and no good deed goes unpunished. I bought an electric car to avoid paying gas, so I’ll have to pay it as a road tax instead. So goes doing the right thing. But now, they’re going to put …

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Molinari Tweaks for 20 Extra Yards

Francesco Molinari Broke the Rules and Abandoned his Straight Line Drives Francesco Molinari, 35 years of age and relatively short, was banging away at just over a distance of 300 yards from the tee. He had what some called a ‘classic swing,’ but eventually, it wasn’t enough for the Italian. He wanted more and got …

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Distance, Stature, and Winning

How Does it Work When Diminutive Golfers Win Without Distance? It has haunted my own game since I took it up as a child, and to detach the idea of driving distance from an external image of my persona as a golfer was extremely difficult. In fact, I’m not really sure that I ever got …

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New Technology Test on Web.com

Range Finders Being Tried Out on Pro-Am Day – Too Much Technology? I’ve been around long enough to see one fight after another over the introduction of technology on the various golf tours. When I was a kid, it was the British ball versus the American ball. How many dimples, precisely what size, etc. I’ve …

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