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Stay in the “Now” With the Driver

Where Do Our Minds Go When We Stand on the Tee Box Holding the Driver? So, I’ve been reading the Power of Now, and listening to youtube examples of Eckhart Tolle speak about it. Now, don’t stop reading. I know it’s a little on the periphery of normal thinking, but it’s starting to make a …

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Distance, Stature, and Winning

How Does it Work When Diminutive Golfers Win Without Distance? It has haunted my own game since I took it up as a child, and to detach the idea of driving distance from an external image of my persona as a golfer was extremely difficult. In fact, I’m not really sure that I ever got …

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Recovery Golf-Biggest Part of Game

The More Average We Are, the More We Need a Recovery Game For the bulk of my life, I have watched the single greatest lesson in golf go by again and again – and it still goes right over my head every time. For hundreds of tournaments watched over the decades, I have jumped to …

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Relationships with Every Golf Club

Golf clubs

Which Golf Club do You Love or Hate Oh, go on and admit it. Those of us who take golf seriously, sometimes too seriously, have anthropomorphised golf clubs into relationships that represent iconic types of delightful and destructive human interactions. I’ve known one or two men through the years who take this to the extreme, …

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Do You Have a “Demon” Club?

Pitching Wedge

Which “Demon” Club Do You Hate? I read an interesting article this morning on which club or clubs in the bag scare people the most. Of course, when the greatest in the game, such as Nicklaus, was asked, he replied that his favorite club was whatever was in his hand at the time. That’s totally …

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