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The Golf Course as a Shared Space?

Golf Course Opting for Multiple Use – How Will That Work? Yes, it is a shrinking world, and perhaps we all have to do our part to make public spaces healthy and efficient. It is, however, an odd concept for a golf course. The tennis courts in my home have half converted to pickleball, a …

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Golf Course-Expensive to Own or Play

Golf Course

If You’ve Ever Wanted to Own a Golf Course Sooner or later, every golf devotee toys with the idea, usually a fantasy, of owning a golf course. In most cases, they have a specific course in mind. I certainly did when my family had the chance to buy Neskowin Beach, which is now 80% under …

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Golf Courses Fragile

Golf Courses

Golf Courses Vulnerable to Nature and Humans Much like the restaurant business, staying solvent as a golf course owner is a tricky proposition. Between the things humans like to do such as vandalism and in-house crime, and the things that Nature is so good at it, a golf course entrepeneur is a sitting duck with …

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